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Sorcery August 16, 2010

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She explained that what it was all sorcery, the illusions that befall a mind searching for affection.

A wise mage would take advantage, wielding the power in his prey’s weakness.

A witty witch wouldn’t hesitate, exploiting the feebleness in vulnerable man folk.

I ring this tone on my gong in warning because AfroSays not to be




Hocus pocus complete
Vodoll’s been pricked
She’s lost her wits
Abracadabra connects
Spell’s taken effect
He can’t protest
Sorcery in session
Consuming passion
Unreasonable expression
Mind in possession
They are bewitched



One Response to “Sorcery”

  1. lekan Says:

    Guy, i dey suspect u ooooo…………….bewitched ke!!!

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