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Talking to a stranger September 3, 2010

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I’m confused about this goddess oh, she must be crazy!
Can someone please tell her that afro hairdos take time to grow?

I’ve might have to wear a wig soon, so please watch out so that you still recognize when AfroSays:



She’s not sure what I want from her and I’m never sure either
She looks like she’s not sure whether to be friendly or not
If she looks indifferent, I’d rather walk past because:
(1) I’m very lazy
(2) Indifferent strangers really don’t give a four-pronged cutlery utensil about other strangers

I walk up to her, I’d never greet her
being nice never works
trying to be funny almost never works
I just say  something random because I prefer her calm and unguarded
“I’m bored” would do
If every other wants to talk to her, I won’t
Her boring random friend would do
She usually would deliberately act disinterested till switch over to her
She then slowly but surely eclipses her sidekick and we’re on
If no one wants to talk to her, she’d notice
Then she’s either too friendly or bitter
If you’re her, bitter is better
Eventually, I have to get her to move around so the others know she’s taken
If she doesn’t want to move, she wants to move around with someone else
I’d usually look for the other so I decide whether I’m wasting my time or not
Usually I am
If we’re on the move, I buy her something
She’s probably feeling this whole stranger connect by then
I can then be nice
I can then be funny
But it’s still too early to be me
I should know what I want from her in a few minutes
I should say goodbye in a few minutes
I should start all over again in a few days
I’m sure I’d know when it’s time to stop talking to strangers



4 Responses to “Talking to a stranger”

  1. tommielawlar Says:

    cool…seems to me its really you…

  2. lekanbaruwa Says:

    nice text…….#NoHankyPanky lol!!………..good one bruv now this 2nd on my list of all ur blogposts, still can’t take the place of Blackhole

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