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My shameless fantasy September 4, 2010

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Weekend morning spiritual vibes. The message is pouring in.

The rain’s pouring out so I don’t wanna do nothing.

Gotta do it because AfroSays,




She’s always on my mind, that flirt; she’s my most shameless fantasy. Every time I see her, I make the most childish wishes.
Sometimes I think I’m obsessed, I definitely want to be more than friends. It hurts to accept that we’re not even friends yet.
She’s polygamous but her lovers don’t mind, they’re only hoping she won’t withdraw her favours and sometimes, when she does, they never really get over her, both genders included.
She’s quite the companion; they treat you positively different wherever she goes with you, whether it’s at the holiest church or at the skankiest party.
She won’t satisfy you but she’d make sure you can satisfy yourself.
I want her.
I want Miss OluwaNaira EuroYemi



7 Responses to “My shameless fantasy”

  1. Lowlar Says:

    Nice, We all want her, but she def loves me. lol.

  2. tijesunimi Says:

    think of Dollarpo MoniEurolapo Poundsnitemi

  3. S Says:

    you know we only take Yen, yea? :p

  4. ann Says:

    I like!!! Bankole, I love your early pieces! They’re so easy to swirl round the tongue…Your ‘gothic’ pieces are much too deep for me! 🙂

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