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Surviving happy September 6, 2010

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Sometimes you don’t understand what your soul is saying, you just know it’s saying something.

I’m hoping the AfroMuse would be kind enough to explain what she’s burdening me with.

Is there a Google jingle I can beat on the gong? I’m asking because AfroSays:



I have what others don’t
I lack what others have
I choose to be happy
I’ve been faster than others
I’ve been cheated as well
I choose to be happy
Love has been wasted on me
I’ve wasted love too
I choose to be happy
I’ve stolen your smile
You can’t steal mine
Naturally, I choose to be happy



6 Responses to “Surviving happy”

  1. segunakiode Says:

    …Hmm, true words – happiness is a choice one shld make daily. Yeah, I choose to be happy! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Raisin Says:

    am sooooooooooooo happy!!! 🙂

  3. mikey Says:


  4. aderonke Says:

    yes boss

  5. oke Says:

    Dah was inspiring n I chooooooose to b happy no matter wat!kip it up

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