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My childhood and theirs October 18, 2010

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The goddess didn’t give me a break as I had hoped. In fact she demanded that I dispatch this script ASAP.

It’s my birthday and my Facebook wall is already complaining. Friends, why can’t we convert all that goodwill to somehow make my bank account complain? That’d be thoroughly appreciated.

As for the goddess, I’m still mad at her because she always feels this egoistical need to impose herself – Dominatrix witch!

I’d only be forgiving her because she somehow managed to feature an abstract me in this piece. I kind of understand her pretend aloofness though, she doesn’t have a birthday so she’d probably be confused as to how to feel. I’m sure there’d be a nice box of jealousy, though, in her emotional variety pack.

May I get this over with? beating the gong like a disgruntled employee, because on my birthday, AfroSays:


I have always wondered why we’ve got so many confused kids today and I recently discovered why.
In our days, we had The Beauty and The Beast, The Lion King, The Jungle Book and a collection of other delightful pictures that entertained us and taught us good moral lessons. For example:
– The Lion King taught that if someone kills your father and marries your mother, get revenge
– The Hunchback of Notre Dame taught that when you’re ugly and poor, chics won’t dig you so it’s better you stay in church.
– I learnt from the Alladin that there’s always idiots trying to get your chic and no matter how many times you mitigate the threat, they just won’t stay away.
– Mulan taught us that it’s okay to dress like the opposite sex and we shouldn’t discriminate.
Several stories also taught us that when we’re rich and handsome and born in a palace, we can marry any girl we want and the #houseGirl / #maid is eligible too.
Those are all good lessons that help a young mind cope with the wicked world but what do the modern kids learn?
What the hell are the kids meant to do with that perverted knowledge? Isn’t there something better to teach the kids?

12 Responses to “My childhood and theirs”

  1. Toonday Says:

    Respect! Greetings to the afro and the goddess, my favorite piece so far!!

  2. mikey Says:

    *Laughing* Another of my favs. Nice one and I hope the goddess won’t get jealous if I wished ya a great one today! Don’t u stop writing. Plzzz.

    • afrosays Says:

      Thanks for constantly motivating me to beat the gong because sometimes the AfroMuse gets a bit annoying.
      Even if i eventually get tired of sucking up to her, I don’t think I’d get tired of doing this for you and the many others that keep me going.
      Thanks again!

  3. aderonke Says:

    thay are supposed to pick relevant info and discard d irrelevant ones…i guess.nice 1 though.

    • afrosays Says:

      I hope my kids would be intelligent enough to filter TV information.
      Thanks for always being supportive, esp today
      Have a great week yourself!

  4. Raisin Says:

    nice..happy birthday by the way!

  5. Lowlar Says:

    Nice one, totalli Hilarious. Love it.

  6. Azuka Says:

    You made my day. I really laughed at the dragon and donkey.

    Not that all the lessons learned from your other examples are un-dubious…

  7. evabenjamin Says:

    LoL #Epic

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