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One-minute-woman January 17, 2011

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The muse is still on pilgrimage and I’ve had ample time on my hands, time to love…

…And I’m not talking super emotionally involving, personality crushing, intelligence ruining, scapegoat volunteering love; I’m talking about the love a young man has for the world and the little joys it brings.

It’s because of this love I put up a status update on my Blackberry that read:
I want to write for someone

I started writing for ladies a long time ago. Actually by writing for my partners in puppy romance as a ‘youngerster’, I continued till the puppy mindedness was eventually whacked out of me. I still write from time to time but it’s been a while, and because of all this love oozing out of me recently, I just needed someone to volunteer to be my object of flattery for five minutes. None of my ‘BBabes’ volunteered. They were all too busy admiring purple shoes, fighting with all their friends and taking up roles in Gossip girl. I went to bed defeated, like a man that made his first million dollars on a sick bed, plagued with a terminal disease.

I woke up this morning with a creativity hangover that kept me moody throughout the day so I decided to write anyways.

This one is for all the ladies all over the world who read Afro,




Would you be my 60 seconds woman? It’s not for too long, just say yes

My women are perfectly imperfect, whatever that means to you, I’m just saying that you’re imperfectly perfect.

And I am too, so let’s skip pretend, I love you love me shouldn’t be twisted.

You love twisted? You’re ready to jump off the deep end?

No you’re not? So don’t ask me to. Till further notice, here’s what I wouldn’t do:

I won’t catch a grenade for you, it’s stupid (and we need me around). I’d rather throw enough to make you proud.

I won’t be your scapegoat, I’m lucid. So how does a cowboy sound?

Fair enough? You’re smiling. I’d do my best to make you happy:

I’d be patient
I’d be kind
I’d be tender
I’d listen
I’d love
I’d spend
I’d spend
I’d spend some more
I’d let you gimme extra lessons on how to treat you,
I’d make ‘A’s at every class,
best student, love-school!
Time up!

7 Responses to “One-minute-woman”

  1. Raisin Says:

    hmmmm..straight frm the heart…

  2. Nife O Says:

    LMAOOO iLove “I won’t catch a grenade for you….I won’t be your scapegoat.” Kudos cuz.

  3. tommielawlar Says:

    all of that u’ll do within 60 tick-tocks for ha?…i doubt that…u could use more. and probably the fact btw.

  4. tommielawlar Says:

    by ‘probably d fact’, i mean someone is finally admitting dat he wont be the scapegoat. At least #nomorelies!.lol

  5. sebelle Says:

    nyc one bruv! realistic love frm a naija brova!!!! wink*

  6. cogitationsofme Says:

    I won’t be your 60 seconds woman,
    Because it’s not enough,
    It’s not for long enough,
    If you love me, and I love you,
    Then we’d need forever,

    I won’t ask you to catch a grenade,
    I won’t sacrifice my life for you,
    Or take of your socks off,
    I’m offering you me on a full time basis,
    I hope I won’t end up the broken-hearted girl,

    I know that u’d be patient,
    I know that you’d be kind,
    I know that you’d listen,
    I hope that you would love,
    You won’t really have to spend,
    Anything else but your time,

    I don’t need to give you extra lessons on how to treat me,
    You are already the best student,
    Love school!

    Hehehe! I killed it.

  7. cogitationsofme Says:

    Sorry, just had 2 comment. Read it, and loved it.

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