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Blind faith March 9, 2011

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Things are beginning to look up oh! The goddess is recovering.

She has begun to walk around; pick random, meaningless fights; throw cushions at the wall (we hid all the breakables) and probably, most importantly, to boss me around.

We don’t mind because we’re all happy that we’ve escaped the worst of it. We would even be more glad to have our bipolar, erratically minded, belligerent, semi-loopy witch back as soon as possible. As loony as she might be, she fills our world the same sick kind of joy that she radiates. She’s like our psycho-stimulant, her aura gives us an addictive kick that results in an unhealthy dependence.

Welcome back AfroMuse, we’ve missed you!

Still talking about home, Dark Betty was kind enough to pay us a visit and beat the gong today. Here’s her gong signature:

I’m beating a shiny gong; it isn’t pink, no, it’s a myriad of black and emerald green… an emerald green that glows in the dark; reminiscent of Chinese demons and Scar’s evil green eyes…

Please enjoy:

Trusting away

The room was quiet apart from the wheezing of the little boy. In; Out. In; Out. Very difficult to listen to. His father sat to his left with his head bowed; holding his hand. The mother had silent tears running down her face. Her eyes stared vacantly at the dark stain on the wall opposite; the result of a minor fire last year when Tobi had put a candle on the table. God had saved him then; He could do it again.
But still, she sighed. Then said:
“Don’t you think we should take him to the hos…”
Baba Tobi’s head snapped up, eyes flashing. “Kike; don’t say it! This is a test. God is testing us; we need to prove our faith!” He took a long deep breath then sighed. “Taking him there would be putting man before God… We have no Helper but God.”
More silence.
Tobi’s mother reached out to touch her son’s forehead. “The temperature is still up. John; I can’t lose this child; he’s all I have!” She sobbed loudly now. “We’ve been praying for a week now; a doctor might..”
“Stop it, woman! Stop it!” He stood suddenly and paced in the small room. He was a big man; a few strides taking him to one end of the room and back. “God!” He hollered. “Save my son! We trust in you.” Tears ran freely from his eyes. “Please”, he added in a whisper.
He walked over to his wife; squatted so they were eye to eye. He wiped her face then held her much smaller hands in his. “Kike; believe. Saying things like that is what the devil wants.”
“But he hasn’t opened his eyes since yesterday. He..” Her emotions took over and she cried even harder. “Please; John. Let’s take him. Please.”
John stood to his full height. “Let’s continue praying… I believe..,”
A loud cough from Tobi interrupted. They both jumped and stood over their son. He was coughing hysterically now; his eyes bulging as his small chest expanded and contracted.
“Get water! Tobi! TOBI! It is well with you!” His father shouted as his hands floundered about; unsure of how to soothe. “Tobi!”
His mother rushed over with the cup of water but it was knocked out of her hands as her son began to jerk and spasm on the bed.
It was over fast.
“Tobi!” She screamed. She pulled her son to her chest; shaking him. “Tobi!” She cradled his hot head against her bosom. “Tobi!”
There was no more coughing. No wheezing. Just silence.
John was frozen. He felt cold all over.
“Tooobbbiii!” She wailed; her screams piercing the silence. “Jooohn! Toooobbiiii!!!”

25 Responses to “Blind faith”

  1. Dee Says:

    How sad…. But so real.. I remember back in sec sch a girl died cos her church didn’t do blood transfusion. A truly inspired and moving story..

  2. obafuntay Says:

    I see you’re at it again… You got me fixed on the screen. Ability to depict the scenario is astonishing.

  3. Dee Says:

    So sad but so true… I remember back in sec sch a girl died cos her faith didn’t support blood transfusion..
    Nyc one betty #thumbsup#

  4. afrosays Says:


    This isn’t an Afrosays piece,
    All applauses to Dark Betty, our latest resident editor!

    Thank you AfroMartians**

  5. iwired Says:

    The father should be charged for murder n mom as an accessory!

  6. thetoolsman Says:

    Wow… this is deep and so so common around us.. good stuff..

  7. sirkellz Says:

    …Very good, this is.

  8. sirkellz Says:

    Yet again….very impressive

  9. Temitope Says:

    Deep stuvz! These thngs happen all d time, d name says it all. u cannot be doing such things, they shld have gone to the hos still plus u need to knw wher u stand with God before pullin all these kinds of stunts.

  10. Lowlar Says:

    Nice 1. I Like

  11. Countessa Says:

    Faith without works is dead…na bible talk am…

    Be found in the doing found in the doing…

    Everyman for himself, God for us all!

  12. Amiola Says:

    People just get things twisted when it comes to faith… #sadstuff! great piece “Dark Betty”… nice name too!

  13. ajoke Says:

    this is really revealing… because people really do not know what happens when you just have a little talk more of a big The writer must have a hint on what it feels like to know God!lol

  14. Laju Says:

    Nicely done betty! Very Good!

  15. Vera Ezimora Says:


    This is so sad – not just because of its conclusion, but because it has happened and continues to happen. Chei. If only they had at least one agbalumo in the house ehn … 🙂

  16. afrosays Says:

    Hello everyone,
    Thanks for visiting. I welcome the first-timers too (holding La Casera and doughnuts). Please come again soon.

    So attending to the comments:
    @iWired – Those things are not that easy oh! After all, in the bible, Jarius (or some other guy’s daughter) died when he went to look for Jesus to heal her. What if Jesus could not raise the dead?

    @TheToolsMan – Good to see you here, Love Doctor. I’m still planning on taking down your blog oh! But till then, everybody should check out his blog, ladies especially, it’s an eye-full.

    @SirKellz – Thank you very much for your appreciation sir!

    @Temitope – I second the motion too. But do we ever know how much we can trust God if we don’t take those daring leaps of faith? Like people that sell their valued belongings in absurd ‘dangerous sacrifices’? Works for some though.

    @Lowlar – Thank you very much ma’am!

    @Countessa – Keywords: “Every man for himself”. Keywords…

    @Amiola – LOL at getting things twisted. It’s good to see you around. Please do hang around some more.

    @Ajoke – I think I should leave Dark Betty to return your comment.

    @Laju – It’s great to see you here, thanks for dropping a comment too. Please come again.

    @Vera – Abi oh! I’ve not had one day of ill health in my life since I started eating Agbalumo oh! #TeamAgbalumo for life! I hear It even safeguards one against motor accidents and plane crashes.

    In summary, I could not comment individually because I want to leave that privilege to the writer but I do appreciate the extra time you all took to leave a comment. Please come again and remember to always buy Agbalumo!

  17. Shakara Says:

    Tragic…Tragic(MR. Omar voice)#everybody hates Chris.
    The depictions of characters were so graphic,it felt like I could hear Tobi.These things do happen;my naivete took over me in the course of the story and it got me wishing Tobi wouldn’t’s sad,and caused by ignorance.
    I like. #tiri gbosa# dark betty(hope ur not as dark as ur Gong!)

  18. BettyBoop Says:

    @Dee- Sad stuff oh.. How do they live with themselves?

    @Laju, @Obafuntay, @Sirkellz, @Lowlar- Thanks mucho!

    @Iwired; @Toolsman- It’s crazy oh.. A similar thing happened in the States and Social Services took the other kids from him. They were good intentions though; a tad misguided, is all.

    @Temitope, @Countessa- Even the Bible says if you’re sick; call the elders to pray and anoint with oil (oil was medication back then..)

    @Amiola- Glad you like the name.. *wink*

    @Ajoke- *now adjusting my halo*

    @Vera Ezimora- I haven’t gotten over the fact that ‘the’ Vera commented on my story.. *deep breath* As for the agbalumo theory; I’d just have to try it out next time my neighbor has an asthma attack..

    @Shakara- *IBlush* DarkBetty’s just one of my ‘alters’ (winking at Toolsman); there’s PrettyBetty; LoonyBetty; EffikoBetty and many others. (Thankfully, no UglyBetty!)

    @AfroSays- Thanks for the opportunity.. I think the goddess likes me..

  19. Rikkytoyin Says:

    So sad yet so true. My sistas neibours in Ondo lost 2 wonderful children because their church don’t take drugs. It is God that created the doctors. I feel an individual should be given the chance to choose whether young or old. The bible says my people perish for lack of knowledge. God will help us all. Wish many Tobis wouldn’t have to die because of their parents ignorance.

  20. damie Says:

    its just like vera said, this is a really sad story because things like this happen and sadly will continue to happen. thanks afrosays for featuring dark betty on this blog. will be more dedicated now, lol. (no offence). and btw afrosays, you never replied my question.

  21. swizz Says:

    Good read..

  22. afrosays Says:

    @RikkyToyin – We can’t make God responsible for everything

    @damie – It’s good to see you again! I did reply your question, but just to be sure you get it this time, I sent you an email.

    @swizz – Thanks a lot, please come again

    @Aloofar – Smiling here; before nko?

  23. Nifesimi Says:

    Dang!!! That is what I call ignorant my friend. iLOove the painting- it goes well with the post for me. Great job!!!

  24. Tracey Lu Says:

    lesson learnt.
    Prayer; Lord thank you for the eyes that you have given me to see. Take away every blindfold from off my eyes in a situation like this. Give me the faith to carry my child to the hospital and believe in the doctors for the right medicine to give my child, or better yet, carry my child to Winners Chapel for Prayers. Thank you Lord cos I know I will never find my self in this position. Amen.
    Brilliant piece.

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