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Passion March 30, 2011

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Hello earthlings! DarkBetty here.

First, you should note that I’m not always dark; it’s based on the kinds of drafts that blow through the goddess’ castle. I could be BubblegumBetty next week..

I’m honored to become a resident here; I hope my stay brings much smiles, tears, introspection, and other states of cognitive and volitional states of consciousness.

Plunge in..

I’m beating a blood-red gong today; it has a strong, powerful, compelling sound that communes with the spirit. Listen..


...Shh Shouldn't have... Loved

She evoked all sorts of emotions in him. Strong, potent emotions. It was why he’d married her. No woman had enveloped him in such a fervid manner. He’d wanted to possess her, body and soul. And it wasn’t just her beauty, he’d seen many beautiful women. She had fair skin with very black hair and dark, dark eyes.
And all that poise. He’d told his mother he’d never met such a lady. Her every deed was in a regal manner. Like some goddess come to inhabit a queen. Head held high on that long graceful neck. That neck he’d lately been having visions of snapping in two. She was so damn cold. She hardly ever reacted to anything these days.. Those eyes just glazed over him like she expected nothing less from an earthling such as him.
When he’d run into the arms of his voluptuous secretary; he’d been deliberately sloppy so she’d find out. So she’d be hurt. So she’d cry. But all she’d said was “I forgive you..”
He didn’t need her bloody forgiveness. He wanted a tantrum, anger, tears. But she’d just sat there and said it, not even looking at him.
He’d looked at her. Envy and hatred eating at him. In their five years of marriage, she hadn’t lost her figure. He, on the other hand was now the proud owner of a pot belly as his hair line receded. She couldn’t have kids, an operation gone wrong, she’d told him on their second date. So he’d had no illusions.
An overwhelming urge to possess her came over him and he walked over to his fair wife who sat so calmly, flipping through the latest edition of Reader’s Digest.
He leaned down and touched her face. He loved her, he did. He reached down to kiss her, his intentions very clear. But at the last minute, she turned her face so his lips met cold cheek, not warm lips.
She went back to her publication. Then said, “Don’t. Ever. Touch. Me. Again.”
Furious now, not thinking. He slapped her hard on the cheek he’d only just kissed. The fair cheek reddened fast. A flaw on the porcelain face.
But she didn’t cower. Didn’t flinch. Didn’t run for cover or even reach up to protect herself. Her eyes just flashed as she stared straight ahead, her eyebrows lifted slightly as if in amused interest.
He cursed and walked over to his bar; throwing the strong liquid down his throat. Then he threw the whole decanter against the wall; angry he had to seek boldness to take his wife.
He walked back, his own eyes now red. Met her in the same position. Pushed her to the ground roughly, pushing her skirt up tearing her panties away as he resorted to take her by force.
Still, she said nothing; just closed her eyes as if resigned to the worst. A blind rage engulfed him and he lashed out angrily. Over and over again, he hit her. Angry that she wouldn’t defend herself, angry she had reduced him to some animal with primitive emotions.
And he hit and hit.
And when it was over, he looked down at his bloody lifeless doll; gathered the shattered pieces of his ice sculpture into his arms and wept.

36 Responses to “Passion”

  1. Kay Jay Says:


  2. TheMentalMosaic Says:

    U have a beautiful gift. The narrative is excellent but ur ability 2 lace that with deep emotional undercurrents maks u a much more phenomenal writer. Thumbs up.

  3. Tosin Oye Says:

    goodness gracious, this is deep

  4. Nono Says:

    I Like…..A LOT! You kept me reading till the end which many blogs I’ve visited recently couldn’t do and I like that you kept it short and straight to the point. Nice!

  5. sirkellz Says:

    #deep…a Love expressed through pain

  6. Dee Says:

    I love….u have the ability to express emotion vividly with words.. Thumbs up

  7. Temitope Says:

    All kinds of deep. I wanted to know exactly how it was going to end (I knew he was going to kill her from the start, I didn’t just know how)..Good stuff.

  8. mosun Says:

    WOW! good write-up (y)

  9. pere Says:

    deep expressions……I like kept me readn till d end

  10. deji Says:

    had to read twice…(not like i didnt get the gist the first time), interesting piece…

  11. Doris Says:

    Lol! Nice piece

  12. Macallonies Says:

    Whats your inspiration?
    Its deep, vivid, articulate,simply brilliant.Passion fits perfectly! Powerful description with the right words at the right time. Almost feels nah, scratch that. Feels like watching a video! Good job.
    Wierd compliment/request: Can i lick your brain sometime? Lol

  13. kCL Says:

    P!.this is a beautiful piece..he pushed her till she cud feel no more.she cudnt even feel love or hate..she became okay with everythin..deep!nd her death was the best reward for him.

  14. amaka Says:

    Nice storytelling. Held me spell bound to d end.

  15. Atta Says:

    If I weren’t familiar with your previous work I’d say: “I come away from this with a fresh sense of both the subtle ‘violence of apathy’ and the agony of passion. In at least one sense, there are two victims, two violators, and two bodies at the end of this story… And I love blurred lines. The ‘shattered ice princess’ line is divine. Good stuff.”
    Unfortunately, I AM familiar with your previous work… Darkbetty… In light of this, my comments are as follows:

    I worry about you.

  16. thetoolsman Says:

    Lmao @ Atta. Im glad I waited to read your comment before commenting. Excellent excellent stuff from Darkbetty. Absolutely captivating till the end. I wish I could say something to counter Atta’s comment; eventhough I know you have A LOT of light in you, you’ll have to show us a bit more of BubblegumBetty to help prove this.

  17. bettyboopeyz Says:

    Oh dear.. Now summoning the flighty spirits of Bubblegum.. Thanks for the comment that could’ve been..

  18. simi Says:

    She’s done it again!!!! Y do U̶̲̥̅̊ always remind me that my talent is ‘inactive’? I told U̶̲̥̅̊ that U̶̲̥̅̊’r going places *Arc Solanke’s voice. Nice 1 dear, more wisdom & inspiration

  19. mayO Says:

    Hmmmmm nice1 dere

  20. mayO Says:

    Deep stuvz. Great read

  21. dele Says:

    WOW!!!, dint knw u write. Now knw y u need a geek smart bf, lol. Beautiful piece tho, short and precise. Pls update me on new ones, now a big fan.

  22. i-wired Says:

    This is the 14th story you’ve published so far and the best!
    Posted at 1.31am, better late than never.

    PS: I agree with Mr Atta, i’m beginning to worry about u. I just hope bubblegumP you is as interesting…

  23. Shakara Says:

    Darkbetty is doin wat she does best,capture attention,in all senses ov d phrase ;),but on this 1 I go with atta,I worry about u dark betty…..

  24. Okay! Nice to meecha Betty buh…um…seriously this is a hit.
    Bankz: where did you dig her from? she’s good!

  25. afrosays Says:

    Hey friends,
    Thanks for coming, and most of all for leaving evidence of your visit. Really.

    The story speaks for itself, Betty rocks.

    And just in case you might be a tad worried about her, please remember that stories are Pizza boxes and their writers are only delivery people. It takes guts, and talent too, to write, not under the bright, wishy ambiance of sunny thoughts, but under lonely, starry skies, while other ‘decent’ folk watch from afar, cocoa in hand, through obscure glassy windows, wondering, why for the sake of God, you choose to converse with the spirits of the night.

    @Mikey : Some hole around Ikeja

  26. Kesh Says:

    Hmm.This is nice. You’re talented i must say. I’m a little envious. A little!

  27. Funmbi Says:

    My talented sweety, this is awesome! Thumbs up 4 u.

  28. Andre Says:

    Interesting take on an unpopular, though frequently occurring subject matter. The catch here of course isn’t as much the difference between the versions of Betty who’re writing, as it is the similarities they possess, how else does one side see with clarity and understanding the issues of the other. Good read however, very good read.

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