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The wish April 18, 2011

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Hello folx!

This is a quickie.

I just thought to wish you a great week

My gong is a peeled, faded white. Telling ghost stories. Ghosts you’re familiar with and you’ve tried to hide from. They’re here because AfroSays:


... I want ....

She closed her eyes and made a wish. She was not required to speak it out, she just had to want it in her heart.
She knew what she wanted. She wanted him, but a true wish was not to be wasted, he’d told her that much. He’d also told her to be careful; wishes were bridges linking the real world which she lived in with the fantasy world that he came from. She could have anything she wanted. Anything. And that was the danger.
At first she didn’t believe him. She’d fought the idea that someone so real could be a figment of her imagination, a simple idea, but he’d explained it all to her.
Her faith had drawn him in.
She needed a man but men barely noticed her. She had been surprised that night when he suddenly appeared next to her and asked her to dance. She hadn’t been able to resist; he was the man of her dreams.
But he had to leave, return to the intangible world that he came from. Before he left, he’d told her that her desire had been so strong that night she had forced him into being. Although, she knew he had spoken the truth, she felt defensive and even though she didn’t say a word, she’d thought him a self-absorbed chauvinist dog.
She’d looked at him with one eyebrow raised as he’d gone on to tell her that he would leave a bridge to his world open, so that she could wish for anything she wanted, just one thing, by focusing her desires on it.
His words seemed gibberish to her till he slowly began to fade away right before her eyes. Nobody else noticed.
Only one part of him remained, a gentle ambience, a murmur of light, and she then knew she had to make a wish.
Then she believed him. Yes she did, but she thought it was all a dream, that she would wake up to her lonely life again in the morning. She decided that she believed, that she would indulge in the dream.
Foolish woman!
He watches her from his world trying to explain the police how she got locked in a central bank vault. That was the only place with as much cash as she’d imagined.

23 Responses to “The wish”

  1. Brownegurl Says:

    Wow!! Really? She wished for cash?! This is just funny. Suprised it wuz real tho. Nice work Afrosays!!

  2. Wait a minute whats going on here?….*sigh* sick piece n silly her!!!

  3. Runtaj Says:

    damnit, she chose money over d guy ni sha. nice 1 but kai d Afro did d chic terrible justice

  4. Ade Says:

    I’m shocked at the girl, but o well
    Great piece Baba Afro

  5. msfadekemi Says:

    Wnderin y u all re surprised! I mean, its money we ® tlkin bout ere!!
    Rilly nice piece! I like. . 🙂

  6. Omoge Blaq Says:

    Ode babe

  7. lade Says:

    why u all calling her foolsh na… if na me wud have wished d money to come to instead….nice piece …afro

  8. Dee Says:

    Stupid gal….. Didn’t see dat coming though. I think I want u to lend me ur brain, just for a few hours…

  9. Betty Says:

    I have first digs on the brain, Dee. Steer clear! I really liked the story. I’d have wished money too, sue me! But not CBN vault naa, how far?

    • Dee Says:

      Not fair Betty….. Dats just bein greedy…. urs is enough for u… mine is eh.. eh… well its mine 🙂

  10. haha! Nice ending. Really never saw that coming…

  11. @eikpea Says:

    lol,she’s a sharp girl jorr, she just got unlucky

  12. EkweMartin Says:

    clap clap clap!!!

  13. marie Says:

    Nice twist @ d end…I guess she wished 4 what she felt wld b easier instead of getting her heart broken. She shld av taken d risk doe, @ least it wld av been better dan wat she got eventually.

  14. I love dat illustration!!!! Lol!!! Google???

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