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The Orange Seller April 20, 2011

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Hello world!
I’m beating an old gong today; but the tunes are still as fresh as day. Enjoy the slow dance of wistfulness as we all try to grasp the mist outside the window..
Yours, YearningBetty

... Ifeoma ...

This was my favorite street in town; with the trees flanking both sides. This part of town was still well-kept; a home to the elite.
I tugged Lazy’s leash; my terrier dragged along. Its name was a huge understatement; the indolent narrow-headed thing didn’t believe in any form of exertion.
I was absorbed in Lazy’s non-antics for a minute that I didn’t notice her for a while. But when I did, my first emotion was indignation.
My neat, clean street had been ruined for me. She sat there; her basket of yellow oranges perched on her laps. A hawker; whose only mission was to disrupt the tranquility of my street.
“Sweet orange! Buy ya sweet orange!” She said in that sing-song voice characteristic to all hawkers.
My second thought was that she had the fairest, most beautiful legs I’d ever seen. Cute and shapely, tapering down to the graceful ankles. Legs blemished with not a spot; marred with not a scar.
My eyes snapped up to her face, taking in her round face, devoid of make-up; her dark eyes looked bored, her full brows were drawn downward; her long, dark hair tied up with a fraying red cloth.
Her name would be Chioma or Ifeoma or Chidinma; I was sure. She would know how to cook; I could tell. Those their thick soups with plenty chunks of fish.
A mental image of Cassandra popped up in my head; my girlfriend of two years. Cassandra with all her poise, classy restaurants and manicured nails. Cassandra was tall and willowy where my orange girl was petite and curvy.
My orange girl. Maybe it was the mellowness of the afternoon; or that Lazy was actually raising his head to stare at her; or maybe I was just plain crazy.
I had subconsciously walked closer. She looked up at my approach.
And it was just the two of us.
I let my mind wander, taking her home, buying her clothes, showing her the world. Running my hands through that hair; splaying my hands over those legs; smoothening, then kissing those brows. Reveling in her eyes lighting up; pooling in tears of gratitude as they gazed back at mine…
“Oga. Abi you wan buy orange?”
I slammed back to earth. I thought of the look of horror that would creep on my mother’s face when she saw her first son’s choice. The sniggers of my sisters. The sarcastic lift of my father’s brows.
And finally, I thought of how she couldn’t survive in my world. They’ll break her; destroy her spirit.
So, I walked up to the orange girl and bought all 36 of her damn oranges. Then walked away; home to Cassandra.
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41 Responses to “The Orange Seller”

  1. damie Says:

    No matter how many times I read it, it never gets old. Ah! Wishful thinking!

  2. karen Says:

    awwwww…..but at least he can be her friend now

  3. for lust something can be arranged na!!:P but for love and marriage; how about I change my religion and take in a second wife? #IMO it won’t end like that o! they’d either accept her or loose me..yea I’d be badass like that for something I’d want to live till the end of time! I hate asking the “WHAT IF?”

  4. Brownegurl Says:

    Fantastic piece! The way a guy’s mind can wander ehn! E get as e be! Loool! Nice one @Uberbetty

  5. Nice one banx…wanted to drop a line so you know I read this one…hehe

  6. Nono Says:

    BEAUTIFUL! Ok Betty I’ve read four of your pieces so far and LOVED them all. I think you are an AWESOME writer. BEAUTIFUL!

  7. kechilauren Says:

    Nice..if only the orange girl could speak good english .nd hav a cinderella back wud hav made things easier..:(

  8. jayajade Says:

    Awesome writing as always…the illustration is very very nice- infact I’m stealing it 😀

  9. 47 Says:

    lovely piece as always on AfroSays. i wouldav lovd to c a picture of dis Chidinma or Ifeoma or Chioma and of cos Cassandra. lol.

  10. kechilauren Says:

    May I also add that This story reminded me of when I was younger, nd i always wnted mother to bring those lebanese children at d maarket home as my sisters..I thot they were so adorable.
    Well..the minute I heard them sing with that oh so annoying accent.I SNAPPED back to reality.:D

  11. thetoolsman Says:

    Second time reading this and it’s still spot on. Job well done..

  12. Funmbi Says:

    Interesting! Its just a wish that wouldn’t come true anyway. I appreciate your writing skills, keep it up!

  13. dammydiva Says:

    Awwww…beautiful bt sad yet funny story..good job Pemi

  14. Kelvin Says:

    Betty = Uber #ThatisAll *ThumbsUp

  15. bimbo Says:

    I want to thank you for this! Ppl say other ppls opinion dont matter when ur deciding who to marry. I totally disagree. Marriage dsnt suddenly mean u guys r gonna go build ur own lil island sumwhere. It means its now 2 of u relating as one with society. If ur ‘other half’ aint gonna fit in, THERE WILL BE PRoBLEM!

  16. Ada Says:

    Very beautiful write-up too.

  17. loba Says:

    Great post, if wishes were horses…

  18. Qurr Says:

    This is awesome. I’m following the writer (@UberBetty) with immediate effect! 😀

  19. Axlrand Says:

    @Qurr Cosign!! I keep getting blown away by naija bloggers. I almost feel sorry i started reading late. Thumbs up!

  20. Omoge Blaq Says:

    U know d thing about this illustration is that its the truth. The guy is just perfect! Like it or hate it, people hook up in their worlds, it sounds harsh but that’s the best gift he gave the babe, leaving her alone, and not involving her in the complicated life of the rich and powerful. Of which the guy was just suFfering from lust of the eyes… I hear its the most common disease.

  21. jaycrown Says:

    what more can i say…..brilliant….imagination,suspense,captivation and narration at its best….i should feature you on my blog………

  22. Couldn’t stop laughing. Nicely woven story with a killer ending. Mehn I want to write this good! Love this once again.

  23. Dotbabe Says:

    Great job Pemi. I love it

  24. dami Says:

    LOL…i like how short the stories are. I want a chunky soup now! I saw your comment on my story on nigerianfiction…the one with four characters, etc? so email me at modasaggezza (at) gmail dot com!

  25. deji Says:

    Brilliant keep it coming. Imagine dis as a nollywood script with Jim Iyke as d guy, mercy johnson as d orange girl, Eucharia Anobi as d mother and Genevieve as d sister. The story ll have ended differently!

  26. dee Says:

    How typical of the rich “his street” and “his orange gal” #RME#… As always ur decriptions blow me away….

  27. samanthasiren Says:

    The soundtrack of this post should be T’I’s “Whatever you like”. Lmao
    Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

  28. afrosays Says:

    I don tire to dey post comment for this page, it’s just not showing!

    But again, it might show today so:

    Dear Pemi, I guess we never know what people like, we just know that we love to write and people love that we love to. My adjudged ‘lulling story’ is actually a favorite.

    You should know again, that you rock.

  29. freshprinz Says:

    Great post, lovely writing, its shocking that this was actually written by a babe…great job ma’am…i felt humbled after going thru all the posts in this blog…i think i shud stop writing….:(

  30. eromosele Says:

    who does ur art work, they r always on point

    • afrosays Says:

      All the other pictures are from Google images. This particular Illustration though is an original AfroSays digital art.

      Thanks for reading. What are your thoughts on the story too?

  31. salt Says:

    ‘Pemi dear, as always u amaze me wit ur unique ways of painting pictures with words. I’l visit again…that I promise!

  32. specialeffectz Says:

    Babe,u are on POINT!!! Nice writing skills!

  33. Ayob Says:

    Clapping 4 dis Writer… Great Twist… Loving dis..

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