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Voices May 2, 2011

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Hello world,
I’m beating a black hollow gong; the sounds rattle the soul.. Get submerged in the riotous tides…
Yours, DarkBetty.

... the black is coming ...

The voices in my head. They are shouting. They are screaming. They want out.
They want to manifest.
My left hand flutters to the scarf around my throat. Tight. Too tight.
I drag in deep breaths. No. Not now. Not today.
In. Out. In. Out.
I look at her from the corner of my eye. I watch her hand loosen the scarf; that always happens. Hand to throat.
I look down at myself, resplendent in white.
No. Not now. Not today.
She’s not well. I knew this before I loved her. I knew this, yet, I love her still.
But please, not today.
I see my gleaming bride try to discreetly glance at her maid of honor. This friend that is the only thing wrong with my bride.
I sometimes believe she loves her more than me. Like now.
But we’re getting married, please pay attention.
The screams are louder. Ricocheting on the walls of my mind. I tap my foot nervously. The shudders have started. I can see him frown at us. He doesn’t understand. My vision blurs slightly then everything’s sharp again.
They want out. I grit my teeth. Tight. No.
But it seems the more I resist, the more restless they get.
And I know.
With all certainty, it’s going to happen.
I can’t do this to her.
I turn to see her hand the bouquet over to another bride’s maid and walk slowly towards the side doors of the church. Her steps are unsteady. It’s happening.
I look at my groom. A scowl etched on his face. His dark eyes seem to scream: “Choose! Her or me?”
The pastor is asking if everything is ok. Of course not.
My eyes swing from my groom to my friend. Then back. And forth.
My mother is approaching the altar.
I watch my bride turn in a swirl of white lace and run after her friend.
She has chosen.
The crowd is moving and murmuring.
I look at my feet. Be a man. She has chosen.
But I love her.
“Stay here.” I tell the fussy mother and run after them.
They want out. They are going to get out. Please just let me get in. Let me hide.
Let my shame remain covered.
I reach the back office just as the first jolt comes and I am slammed to the ground.
Pain, sharp pain lances through my head.
The black is coming.
I let go and welcome it.
The voices are out.
I watch her fall jerkily to the ground. My tears fall freely, ruining the makeup that had been applied painstakingly.
I run to her and drag her fully into the office.
She is screaming. An incoherent language. She is jerking, her hands flailing wildly about.
I get a fist in my eye and I cry harder.
When will all this end?
I hear a gasp and see my groom staring at us in shock.
He came.
The picture that greets me is one I won’t forget. My beautiful bride is sitting on the ground in her white dress, trying to hold on to her screaming friend.
The friend is shouting gibberish in an unknown language.
Understanding comes.
And I love her even more.
I close the door behind me and join them on the floor.
Together, we try to prevent her from hurting herself.
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47 Responses to “Voices”

  1. 'Jibòla Says:

    :O Wow! Fantastic stuff! And this isn’t a kiss-ass comment. Genuine respect from this corner 🙂

  2. Douye Says:

    Almost speechless… Nothin is left to imagination all emotions r laid bare…
    never known anyone dat was possessed but I heard it tough on d family n friends
    Superb writing as always

  3. B Says:

    Boy! Did my heart skip….and skip….and skip. Beautiful writing. I cud feel the scenes….

  4. kechilauren Says:

    I’ve known u forever betty.but ur depth still surprises me..beautifull!

  5. sirkellz Says:

    I honestly got lost in each of their thoughts…WOW! this an awesome piece Betty..yet again!

  6. bookoo Says:

    She’s not possessed, cnt say she’s schizophrenic either. Cuz she’s well aware of her ‘other side’. Hmmm. The groom of the bride meets Jekcle’s ‘hyde’. Lol. Lyk the concept of getting the perspectives of each character tho. Good piece. *two thumbs up*

  7. lade Says:

    Speechless!!!!!….. Beautifully Composed….. Wαt can I sαƔ…. Super impressed !!

  8. foluwa Says:

    Wow, this is good stuff!
    filled with so much emotions!but wait, r d girls gay? Just asking!lol

  9. simi Says:

    It was when I finished reading that I remembered that it wasn’t a̶̲̥̅ movie but a̶̲̥̅ write up! I didn’t only see or feel them, but also touched them….yeah, I was in the concregation….lol

  10. 'Dania Says:

    Beautiful. Absolutely.

  11. bimbo Says:

    Wow.I’m actually crying. And I dnt even knw anyone who has fits. That he loved her enuf to understand just crowned it for me

  12. TheMentalMosaic Says:

    Every single write-up that I read from u screams passion. An innate ability to assume the lives of fictional characters, translating their fictional pains & perspectives into something magical. I’m thoroughly impressed. Keep your head dwn & don’t lose your focus. Your only a girl..your only a girl.

  13. Okeoghene Says:

    True talent. Wonderful writing.

  14. ZARA Says:

    This is beautiful betty, really.

  15. Amie_Gugu Says:

    oh wow! great piece… i fought the tears from falling. nice work ‘P!

  16. slimsiren Says:

    “Be a man. She has chosen”

    Aww…was she epileptic?

    Nicely written 🙂

    • bettyboopeyz Says:

      Epilepsy was one of the things I was thinking when writing; but like any literary piece, it is open to diverse interpretations..

      Thank you for reading..

  17. Nono Says:


  18. missfadesomi Says:

    Wow. Bittersweet. I enjoyed it. Great stuff.

  19. samanthasiren Says:

    Wow. Betty
    GREAT Job.I actually wrote something like this in the past and can relate because there have been times where man I’ve dated always though I loved my then best friend more. Haha

    I love the style in which you wrote this. The colors. I really felt it.

  20. Laj Says:

    Wow…Deep stuff, I cud actually see a vivid picture of each scene …..Nicely written Betty!

  21. Nyneeeee Says:

    this is so beautiful….nice wrk pemi

  22. freshprinz Says:

    beautiful piece, once again u leave me speechless…hopefully someday i shall be able to pay u in kind…..(Y)

  23. JIMMIking... Says:

    *Thumbs Up*
    I like the concept of different points of view… Good stuff, nice work.
    I guess he’s a MAN afterall, 😉

  24. salt Says:

    Wow…’Understandin comes and I L♥√ع her evn more. I close d̶̲̥̅̊ door nd join dem on d̶̲̥̅̊ floor’. Dats my best part cuz 2 find L♥√ع is relatively easy wen we look not only @ d̶̲̥̅̊ big things bt d̶̲̥̅̊ tiny things as well. I’m overcome betty, well overcome.

  25. oye Says:

    Oh dear! Good stuff…there’s nothing to add to this! When they say love makes you do crazy stuff, this piece is an epitome of that!!

  26. kitkat Says:

    you write so beautifully. I am still a bit confused bout the relationship between the bride and her maid of honor. Is it a jekyll n’ hyde thing where she has split personalities and sometimes she’s alright while other times she’s psycho?..or are they two different females and the bride is jst helping out a BFF that’s having a seizure?
    xoxo.. and thnks 4 visiting my blog!! 😀

  27. thetoolsman Says:

    You’d probably be the only one who would understand when I say I wasn’t surprised when I thru reading this. All adjectives that come to mind right now won’t do this piece justice. Keep the dream alive.

  28. modegun Says:

    Oh wow! lovely piece…. great writing….

  29. ife Says:

    This is really good. Nice one.

  30. Kesh Says:

    I want a sequel to the story. Why does the bride love her friend that much? So much the husband feels he has to compete for her love. I like the story. I like the varying perspectives to the story. I like the descriptive. You write well i must say 🙂

  31. Betty this is lovely. Was really touched by the story. Looks like it was inspired by a real-life event cuz the narrative+perspectives are just awesome!

  32. Eleshin Bunmi Says:

    This is really splendid. Like a vantage point story line. 3pple sayin d same story frm diff angle, view and also in diff colours and in a very well arranged order. story is breath-takin, adrenaline rush is awsome plus the suspence is ON-POINT. Goodone

  33. atta Says:

    “I watch my bride turn in a swirl of white lace and run after her friend. She has chosen.”…that was five star stuff. Then, the fact that the very last line is written in purple… The way the colour alone manages to tell an untold story just by being… I love that.
    Your choice of subject matter is fascinating. You really make your characters breathe. I didn’t really feel the maid-of-honour’s pulse as much as I would have liked – probably because you chose to mystify her condition, so that connecting to her was difficult – but the bride and groom positively throbbed.
    Hats off to thementalmosaic, who clearly knows a thing or two about sense: you’re only a girl… You’re only a girl… (Don’t believe a word of it.)

  34. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read. Love always, always understands.

  35. comfychic Says:

    This is really great. You write beautifully…… I enjoyed reading every single line.

  36. Elmer Says:

    nice one Betty. 🙂

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