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Taye and Juliet May 4, 2011

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My gong is red and dangerous. A dull maroon so that you don’t notice the freak of it till it’s too late. Shrill bangs as AfroSays:


...My Taye...

Whoever father nature is, he has offended his wife again because she is crying; her sorrow is a slow, bitter downpour that falls from her hidden face. She cries without shame for no one can see her.
It has been pouring for three hours now and I’ve been outside his house the whole time, waiting.
I know I am a tad too early today but I couldn’t wait to see him. Since I came, I’ve been watching his suffocating silhouette swim perfectly along the curtains that obscure him from view. Those flimsy curtains do a lousy job at protecting his privacy. Sometimes he would put on an exotic show just for me but today he didn’t, he won’t.
The streets are deserted. His house is on the outskirts of town and everyone has enough space in their yard to accommodate three cars and two mango trees. Cheap land.
It’s not just cars that stay inside, people do too. There’s not much to do here, but I have to keep my visits discreet. I always park three blocks away.
Taye, he would be out any moment now, wearing one of his six polo shirts tucked into dark blue denim, bb holstered, looking like a modern Adonis. Since it is cold, he would be sporting a black neck scarf, It is either his favorite or the only one he has.
But what do I care about scarves? He is perfect, flawless like ray of morning sun, my Taye. Coffee-skinned, tall, pretty but not too pretty face, staggering with his lean, well muscled frame. He is also witty, with a good sense of humor. I smile like a nutcase. My Taye.
The gate to his house opens and soon after, he drives out and parks gently. He then briskly walks back in to lock up. Even under the rain, my Taye does not run.
Usually, I would drive after him to Wine Shop or Pablo’s where he drinks with the guys till some time past midnight and after which they would all go clubbing. Before the night is over, I would find the perfect time to break into his car and leave a mild whiff of my perfume, hoping that he would pick out my scent in the office elevator the next day. I always make sure we get in the elevator together. I always make sure we’re never too close.
But I’m tired of hoping. Tonight, I would be breaking into his house, to bask in his essence and live as his wife, if only for a night. I would cook him a pot of soup, wash his clothes, do the dishes, clean the bathrooms, polish the floor tiles, dust the furniture, and when I’m done, I would douse everything, from the hand-towels in the kitchen to his suits in the wardrobe, with my scent. I have five bottles of Lady Million with me. I would empty four bottles completely and leave the empty canisters along with the fifth fresh bottle as a mementos on his dresser with a mystery note.
I would give him one last chance at noticing me at church on Sunday. I would be right next to him at the choir stand. Oh! The voice of him!
We’re meant for each other, I know it, but If we do not find love after this weekend, we would have to find it in the afterlife.
He only takes coffee on weekdays, so today, I would put a strong sedative in his Nescafe. I can always get rid of it if he brings me back home from church. If he doesn’t, come Monday, I have planned our own beautiful version of Romeo and Juliet. As he sleeps on the kitchen table, I would let myself in and we would have our first kiss. Cherry Cyanide. We would die a classic death. Together. We would find love in the afterlife.
My Taye.
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42 Responses to “Taye and Juliet”

  1. hisnameisay Says:

    lolll….nice storyyy! 🙂

  2. kaekae Says:

    For some reason this piece reminds me of ‘Obsession’ #TheMovie

    Often times, what you fight for so very much kinda disappoints you when you finally get it.

  3. oye Says:

    Can’t be love, she’s not free and it aint enough….what went through my mind towards the end of this piece in my minds words”eleyi ti ya ware o” Can’t be love now?!

    • afrosays Says:

      Lol @ “Awon eleyi ti ya were o” (translates to “This one has gone mad oh!”)

      Love? It’s a twisted emotion they say. Who can really define the limits of it?

  4. Banky (Y) iLike. But couldn’t she just be brave and walk up to taiye.

  5. deji Says:

    Obsession naija version

  6. Godfather Says:

    Why did Juliet think she had to go to extremes to be with Taye?

  7. Betty Says:

    I would have loved to see Taye’s face when he got home to a clean, perfumed house.. Would’ve been a classic!
    I love the artwork.. And the story, of course.

  8. Damisola Says:

    I love this story. It’s so beautiful. I had soon lost interest in reading blogs but yours is beautiful. The utter craziness shown as love. I feel bad for the guy sha. Hope her plan doesn’t work out. Two thumbs up

  9. kechilauren Says:

    Ur designs(if u do them urself) are wonderful!!!!!lemme gan read!:D

  10. lowlar Says:

    She’s crazy, nd I totally agree wif kaekae, smthings r nt just worth it. This aint love. I like tho.

  11. kechilauren Says:

    Nice!!!!!but I wish taye didn’t hav his bb holstered up.I hate that shit :( .brilliant stuff..

  12. Dee Says:

    Dis is definitely not love… Classic case of obsession… Might have turned out differently if she’d been able to approach him
    Love d story… Still waiting for u to lend me ur brain..:D

    • afrosays Says:

      Hey Dee.
      How come no one feels it’s love? Must love always be pure?

      My brain? Take darkBetty’s naaa! She probably has holier thoughts …

      • dee Says:

        Yes love must be pure if not it aint love. Just anoda emotion dat seems like it…

        Hmmm dark betty’d brain….. Dats an idea

  13. Dotbabe Says:

    Great story. I love the artwork. But this Juliet has really gone loony o! Romeo & Juliet bawo?! Definitely not love. Obsession toh gbonna

  14. @Qurr Says:

    Wow… This is brilliantly descriptive… I could almost place myself right beside Juliet through all her excogitation.

    Sigh. The things “love” does to a woman… scratch that… the things “love” can do to us all!

    I love the story, Banxman. And the artwork! More please? 🙂

  15. oke Says:

    This is not ♥ !y didn’t she js tell him.AnodA nyc one Bankole even tho I wAs angry at d end..

  16. 47 Says:

    ok, i love it. gannnnnnnn

  17. samanthasiren Says:

    The theme song of this post should be LL Cool J’s “Hey Lover.”
    Hey Lover…
    Hey Lover…
    This is more than a crush.

    I really hope Julie find a way to use her womanly charms and swirl him around her fingers and he falls harder, into the warth of her desire. (I should stop now).
    Loved it 😀

  18. Kesh Says:

    I like. I love the flawed expression of passion. I like the obsession. I love this. Its beautiful. 🙂

  19. TJ Says:

    Oh my!

  20. kitkat Says:

    Ok juliet is on some weird crack lol. Winch is even crazier than the average stalker..smh
    loved the story though, some people are real crazed. There are crushes, and then there are CRUSHES!

  21. sebelle Says:

    twisted! jus twisted!

  22. this story is disturbing. nice, well, written, reads like the mind of a psycho. beautiful. sad.

    @Kesh: we are soulmates, aren’t we? wrote my comment, then scrolled up to see urs. cool. 😉

  23. Ayo Says:

    On Point!!! Art work … check, story line … check. Well done mate!

  24. Elmer Says:

    Haha! She crazzy! If Taye doesn’t die from choking on the smell of her ‘5bottles!’ that she intends to use up first.

  25. Uche Says:

    What a psycho! As always, beautiful writing.

  26. Is it by force???? #enufsaid

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