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Love and War May 24, 2011

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Terse clangs in a hurry, Terse thoughts incisive. Can you interpret as AfroSays?


Shrapnel buried in my heart, I’m bandaged, I’m wounded
Smoke and fire swimming in the air, floating over a sea of chaos
Caked blood on your fatigues, deep cracks on your helmet
Tonight we sleep on a bed of destruction
I see souls rising to heaven, we see souls sinking to hell
Barbed wire, screams, rain and thunder
I think I will go by bayonet, you backstabber
But it just might be a bullet to the head
I saw you in the crosshairs and took aim
But you ducked just in time
You sent mortars my way
A bath of lead and mud
Our friends give us ammunition and cheer us on
While we attack each other, they plot the war
The sun will never rise over this carnage
A garden of trenches and orange blooms
All we have is this opera of terror
All we have is this blood red moon
My soul is torn and weary, my throat is sore
Your bones are weak with running, your blood is on the floor
I don’t care for winning, we’ve both lost the war
We’ve lost count of violence, so much for keeping score
Would you take a prisoner?
My guns are on the floor
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*I’m sorry Moni
*I am not a man

18 Responses to “Love and War”

  1. kitkat Says:

    What! What! This is perfect. I especially love the way you ended it.

  2. Betty Says:

    Wow. You amaze me more each day, partner. I love this. I do.

  3. What the hell? Who’s this guy? This is just errm.. WOW!
    “I think i will go by bayonet, you backstabber”

  4. loba Says:

    I’m totally speechless, I won’t lie I’m not deep enough to totally understand this, but I think I get the gist. Amazing work, as always.

    • afrosays Says:


      If you get the gist, then you understand it. That is all that is necessary. 🙂

      Thanks for reading and tweeting too, we really appreciate it!

  5. u write well. u paint pictures with your words, and thats just amazing. good work.

  6. @bule_jr Says:

    Bankole bankole bankole. How many times did I call you? This is good.

    • afrosays Says:

      Thrice? (GRE reading has me scared of maths these days, everything seems to be something else than it seems.)

      Did i get the call count?

      Thanks again, for the kind comment

  7. dee Says:

    Mind blowing….. very vivid images painted with words…..I love.

  8. seun owoyomi Says:

    That afro should be cheked..i think it’s keeps saying the dopest ish to you
    thumbs up man
    7.99846578 out of 8.112536347

  9. I love this! It just flows in my mind, and I especially love the end 🙂

  10. VINTAGE! Mo like!

  11. @Qurr Says:

    Another lovely one from AfroSays. I like this, Banxman.

    Haha. Perfectly describes me and my ex at a point in time. Story of my life.

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