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Stories of night June 17, 2011

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Gather around all.. Don’t leave your backbones behind. For in the pitch-black night, the spirits inhabit the stories, making them much more.
Spooks and poltergeists, pulsing lights and distant screams, visions and dreams, transporting you to the wilderness of the unseen

Listen.. For the phantoms call. Listen.


THE CHORUS by afrosays
She hid her eyes.
He was searching for them, through the errant strands of hair that covered the side of her oval face and left him a slice, just a peek of beautiful; through the huge darkly obstruction that rested on the tip of her small nose, that only offered him a top view of her painted eyes; all he saw was aquamarine and long lashes. He had to see her eyes.
Her lips reminded him of sweet sin as he stared. Her cheekbones high, lending an ostentation to her face. Her chin, very much kissable, led an adventurer’s trail down to a neck unadorned, deserving of the adornment of only the purest kiss. Not his. Her long hair was hers, he knew, she was all the beauty that she was.
But was she the one?
Her perfume found him and then convinced him to worship her. His eyes took the pilgrimage down from her neck to her brittle neckbones. Sigh. To her milky skin in exhibition, covered by a free dress with its flowery straps loose on her arms. There was an alley just below her neck, and the drops of amber light that licked the side of her face fell there and perished. Holy martyrs of night. He wanted so badly to explore that hidden cavern, and know its treacherous secrets, his pilgrimage was not done. At the cliff of her dress, rose and fell every second, the prides of her womanness. Fast.
She was afraid.
Was she the one?
He felt himself thump against her car as he leaned in for a better view. His colleagues were attending to other cars, the usual motions of a police checkpoint.
His flashlight beamed a dull glow against the insides of the car but he really wasn’t paying attention. He was finding it hard to tear his eyes away from the soft shadows at the top of dress, to breathe.
“Madame, inner light”, he managed.
The fact that she wearing sunshades at this time of the night wasn’t altogether odd. He usually told the partygoers to take it off. He decided to tell her after she put on the light.
A hand went up to oblige his request but he didn’t care, all he cared about was the dress that slipped further down and the beauty that was exposed. Her perfume rose up with a stronger resolve and numbed his senses.
A stronger spray of yellow hit the cabin, stunning the police officer for a few seconds. It was all the time she needed. Her second hand left the steering wheel quickly found the gun under her seat.
He just stared and grew harder against the car. Lust was pouring from his ears. Her heart was beating faster. The temptation was killing him. He grew bolder. He had to see all of her. Everything!
“Madame, please take off your glasses”
She turned off the safety.
“Madame, please come down and open ya boot”
She sped off into the night, steering a wild dance to the music of gunshots. Murder was the chorus.

SCREAM by darkBetty
She walked slowly down the street; streetlights distorting shadows on the wet pavement, crickets called out to her, from the echoing silence. The chilly weather threatened more rain, but she didn’t feel it. Her flimsy dress invited shivers but she moved toward her destination, stoic.
The blindfold was too tight. She shivered. She could hear whispers and shuffling of feet. She didn’t know where she was or why she was there. The darkness heightened her senses and raw fear trickled down her spine.
“Do not fear us, child.” She jumped.
She knew they’d been there but the elderly voice that reached out to her brought to memory the ghastly stories of ghosts she’d heard as a child. It was spidery, broken and soft, reminiscent of evil itself.
She got to her destination. The sounds of night soothing her. They were all asleep. The back door was open. She let herself in quietly and stealthily moved into the house. Excruciating pain lanced through her head, threatening to squeeze the life out of her. She wanted to scream out but she bit down on her tongue. She bore the pain.
He was still talking but for some reason she couldn’t hear him any more. Her strength was being sapped out of her and she had no power against it. She felt rather than saw the shadows draw closer and caress her. He was still talking. She could hear the sound of his evil voice but it was indistinct.
Her hands fell to her sides, slack. The shadows had overwhelmed her. They were pressing into her, sucking her into the vortex. She succumbed what was left of her will.
She had stopped the pain. She bent over and let out long breaths.
The scream was long and drawn out. Blood-curdling.
Ekaette woke up with a start. “Ma?”
The unbidden response leaving her lips even before gaining full consciousness. She opened her eyes. She was in Junior’s room. Junior was covered with blood. Her very own hands were covered with blood. There was a bloodied knife on the floor. The splatters of blood had formed an eccentric pattern on every surface. She looked confused.
Her madam was cradling her son in her arms. Strange sounds emitting from her throat. She rocked the child from left to right, her glazed eyes staring in Ekaette’s general direction.
“Ekaette… Ekaette. why did you kill my son?” She whispered hoarsely. “Why?”
“I.. I.. I didn’t.”
Ekaette was transfixed, confused. The last thing she remembered was going out back to empty the dustbin.
What had she done?
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33 Responses to “Stories of night”

  1. *sigh* I wish there was a ‘love’ button. Will either or both of you consider loaning me your minds? Money is not an issue.

  2. What planet are you guys from?

    • afrosays Says:

      The same one where you’re from, where one can become the president of a very anemic country with nothing but good fortune.
      It’s be that same one.

  3. thetoolsman Says:

    wow… dont even know how to… arrggghh..

  4. ibetapassmynebo Says:


    I don’t even know where I am again!

    I fnk am running mad!

  5. Uche Says:

    So she killed the officer in ‘The Chorus’?

  6. MsDuro Says:


    I just……………. Never mind!!!!


  7. kels Says:

    Hmmmm…..I don’t know what to say buh this is good(good is an understatement tho)……
    So what did ekaette do to her madam’s son??

  8. ayo Says:

    *shudders* πŸ™‚ its been a while……..i know I have missed…(Y)…
    and what is it I hear…. that the hair is going down?

  9. OH MY! Why! Why! Why!…Why must you 2 be this good.*smh* Well its Afrosays. Dude…Awesome combo. Both’f you are just perfect literary sidekicks.

  10. 0latoxic Says:

    All these headache-giving posts sef… Hian!

    But mek I no lie sha, The Chorus came together nicely but the first and second halves of Scream don’t seem to click together or belong in tha nam story… Or is it just me?! :s

  11. awizii Says:

    @banxman you’re a genius. God bless you and you need to go down on your knees day and night and thank God for your gift of literary delivery.

    @UberBetty Pemi darling I’m really at a loss for words. You guys make me thank God everyday that there are people here who can write so beautifully and dig into the richness of an active imagination. Whatever you do don’t stop..ever.

    The first story was kind obvious but you had me stumped with the second…Do enlighten…

  12. BBB Says:

    the way you string the words
    the way your minds merge to form these stories
    its only God that can give a person this much talent
    you succeeded in taking me for a long long ride
    and then the cliffhangers as usual threw me

  13. Aji Says:

    How do you CC @WoleSoyinka on WordPress? This is beautiful guys. Banx Über = #EPIC

  14. MzLucyM Says:

    Wow!dt was a lot!!!

  15. ummm…. errr… i delayed commenting for a whole day because i didn’t know what to write. i still have no words. good work, as always.

  16. LamBA Says:

    Yo! Banx and Betty…Y’all GET WELL SOON!!!!

  17. missfadesomi Says:

    So interesting.. Especially the Chorus! πŸ™‚
    And i love the way you guys write. I really do.

  18. Jaycee Says:

    The second story almost made me scream. Both stories were excellent. You guys write so well.

  19. Vera Ezimora Says:


    One thing is certain, you people have done further damage to the name, Ekaete. First, she has a reputation for being a househelp. And then, a slutty househelp. Now, she’s a killer.

    Hot damn!

    iLike this.

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  21. You guys are just awesome! This post is amazing! @ Brother Afrosays, your description of the female figure is quite impressive! R u sure there isn’t a babe you’re eye-ing and using her to blog? Cos the thing was too detailed na – I could see the girl in my head! Lol..
    And Betty, I’m meeting you for the first time, but this is a meet that was worth it. You write well, and u make me think – what just happened? Afrosays knows how to pick the best – U are like the literary ‘batman and Batgirl’. Good job two of you!

  22. afrosays Says:

    Ceejay is always too kind with words.
    Except when you write absolute rubbish.

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