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My Darkness July 15, 2011

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I AfroSays, I bid you, welcome a friend.
She is of the same journey as I.

I, Slim, I beat the gong tonight! Yay!!
So! I beat the gong.
I beat the gong of courage, and not of war…
The courage that lies in the breast of young women as they go out into the world to be saviours of their families and clans…



Insudantha by Slim

I am in a chasm, with glass walls and gold edges around me. I wonder how such lavishness came to be spent in a hole underground, when the times that we live in are times of want and suffering. I peer into the mirror and I can see my jutted lips and permanent frown, etched into my forehead. Gone are the days I was called beautiful. Gone are the days of beauty.

I look behind me. The people that look back remind me where I’m going. The looks on their faces are old, old and wise from the age of suffering. The children wave, chanting their goodbyes. Their parents clutch them tightly. They are absent minded. Or single minded, for they know the singleness of my purpose. I journey to the land no one would dare go. I do not know the name or what It will be called, but the path to the place is etched in my mind.

There is deep sadness in our hearts, and it reverberates in my soul. The looks they give me, oh, so wistful! A golden drop alights on the cheek of my mother, and I see that it is the dying sun reflecting in her tears. Don’t cry for me, my mother. Don’t cry. The daughter of Insudantha would bring you back your happiness, your home, your pride…

The chasm begins its descent. It has no door, so it does not close. There is little need for a door anyway. Slowly, I begin my plunge into the earth. I face the mirrors, I face my fate. It is time. Darkness envelops me, and I remember my father’s words…

“Darkness is good, Daughter of Insudantha. It will open your mind, and prepare it for the evil that lurks within…”

It is a long descent, and despite my stoic demeanour, my mind wanders a little. I cannot deny the fear that is in me, for it settles so heavily upon my chest. This mission would be the last of its kind. There can be only one journey to kill this Evil. I do not know what to expect, because none have gone before me. What would It look like? How would it fight? Would there be trickery involved? There is nothing I despise more that duels of the mind. Fight me like a woman, match power for power and strength for strength, let it be said that the mighty Valkyrie descendant, the great granddaughter of Brynhild, slew her opponent in a worthy clash of swords and not the weak swarshes of words…

The chasm stops suddenly. The darkness is full now. It is time. I clasp my hands and try to be strong, sending a quick beseech to Brynhild, Mother of the Strong and Wise . I peer into the mirrors and I see another form. There is a creature there, so dark! I thought to myself, Lo, this must be the mother of darkness herself. She is so dark that I could only make out her form because it was darker than the darkness around us. I touch the hilt of my sword and she fingers hers too, a mocking smile lingering in her bright eyes, eyes that burned with hate and mockery and everything in between…

It was a long fight. A hard one. She knew my blows and she knew her blows, and she didn’t seem to tire out. I struck as my father had taught me but it was clear that the end was drawing near. I could see that it would not be long before I was finished. She stepped heavily on my foot and drew her pulsing dark form towards me, and I fell at her feet. The end was near. I tried to strike a final blow but she was faster than me, piercing her sword deep, bringing out the blood and water that make up my being…

I was dying. Oh, Mother Brynhild! Save my people, for their hero has failed!

Then a strange thing happened. All the mirrors began to slide open. Darkness poured into the forms behind them and started to advance, her bright eyes magnifying into a legion and boring into me. Their thirst for blood was hungry in their bright, bright eyes. They had been waiting for me. I stared deep into the eyes of the one who held me down, and realised in one painful swoop of horror, that It was I. I was the evil that lurked beneath their hearts…

On both sides by AfroSays

The many.

The warring many punctured the dark, cloudy skies with cries of many meanings as burning arrows rained down on both sides. Sonorous cries. Ugly cries. On both sides.

Metal found bone. Splintered wood found flesh. Kegs of black and white powder exploded, borrowing from some a leg, from others an arm. Some managed to contribute a head, their bodies alone would fight this bitter fight. There was burning and smoke and the sacrifice of souls. Holy souls. Infernal souls. On both sides.

Mighty birds or whatever they were soared in the sky, picking men and women and dropping arms and legs and whatever else remained after. Beautiful birds. Grotesque birds. On both sides.

Mighty beasts or whatever they were tore through the unfortunate ones that held rank before them. Majestic beasts. Hideous beasts. On both sides.

They was victory and defeat on both sides, an eternal ocean of warriors and there was no end to them.

One side was the colour of death, with its machines of pain and its souls and its birds, whatever they were and its beasts, whatever they were also. The other side was the colour of mercy, with its machines of pain and its souls and its birds, whatever they were and its beasts, whatever they were also.

A little village sat on a hill, its feet painted brightly in the colour of the war that was, waiting for the eventual conqueror, waiting for its king.


Good. Evil. The battle to rule yourself.



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31 Responses to “My Darkness”

  1. YAY! 1st.
    Okay nice way to depict the constant battle against depravity. The mirror to reflect the real you, the chasm…our heart.
    I wonder who is worthy to attain the throne on that little village on the hill. Sounds like heaven to me. May God help us all. This isn’t too spooky for a lesson.

    • afrosays Says:

      *Talks to self* I should probably find another synonym for interesting
      I’m seeing your view on The Chasm and The Throne, but I’m not necessarily seeing your view on the fighting parties.

      There’s always a lesson here, when it’s The Trench.

  2. @Qurr Says:

    @Slim: The only war worth fighting is the war against our selves. Until that war be waged and the new wine in us can shatter our old wineskins, pouring a libation to Posterity, we are but lost. Good one!

    @Banxman: Both sides think the village in-between needs one of them to rule it, but it’s quite the converse. Both of them need that small, peaceful village to rule their mercy with bravery, and rule their deaths with serenity. We need both sides in varying proportions to remain true and fair to fellow humans. Kudos, man.

  3. Sick_Sage Says:

    Today’s title is apt; my darkness, our darkness, we go through these battles, virtually everyday (if U’re like me), I don’t think there’s a definite winner at any point though, very rarely does a person’s darkness consume him/her so completely that (s)he could be said to be bad,and vice versa, it’s a constant struggle between the darkness and the light, with a lot of bad decisions made along the way. I hope that when I die it will be said that I did more good than harm, that,for me, would be good enough.
    P.S Lol! at the ‘deep’ note, good point there

    P.P.S: Banx, don’t know if it’s only me, but I had a problem with the link to this piece

    P.P.P.S: Still coming back to comment on the writing style, I’d do it now but my post’s already a blog note of it’s own

  4. slimsiren Says:

    Oooh!! I sounded deeeep!

    Afrosays, you’re just too bloodthirsty. Metal against bone? Oush!!

  5. @bule_jr Says:

    Was this spooky to me? Nah because this happens to me oh so often? My mind just has a way of turning situations and thouhghts around me into reality and making me ponder. Loved the sync between both personalities. (Y)

  6. 0latoxic Says:

    Bankole has infected Ada o! I shall not descend this night to that place of perpetual turmoil and rank infestation that is Banx’ mind. But I shall attempt a stab at the product of the corrupt vessel that has spewed forth the initial rancour…

    I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t the slightest what I just said there :D… but my personal translation to Slim’s ‘story’ is that it alludes to the journey to the place where the innocence of the ones we have labelled to be “of easy virtue” is cast off in the bid to survive and ensure the survival of the ones they love. In reaching this place they must unlearn all the morals they have previously been administered and embrace the ‘power’ and ‘wealth’ that comes with dying to self, sometimes by their own ‘hand’… So who wants to follow me to Italy?! :|…

    • slimsiren Says:

      Omo!! Toks, later you’d be calling Banx’s mind infested. See the fresh perspective you’ve put on the story. Nice, nice…

      I have more to say but no way to say it…but since this deals with personal struggle, it is only right that each should have their own personal interpretations. Good, good…

  7. sebelle Says:

    erry1 sounds so well read and learned. lol! i liked both pieces , The first one I interpreted it to b the battle that goes on within us. the second one interpreted to be external battle for our souls.

  8. jael999 Says:

    Very well written. You both colorfully depicted that ‘inner struggle’ that I believe, everyone, deals with at some point in their lives.. But, would I be right to guess that ‘Insudantha’ means ‘My Darkness’? Or does it have another meaning?
    Google didn’t help me on that one..

  9. Sick_Sage Says:

    Ehen, Slim, ur piece made me think of a mixture of Chinua Achebe and J.R Tolkien. . .sci fi meets Igbo tradition, I’d have preferred an Ada to Brinewater sha,but then. . . πŸ™‚
    J.R Tolkien. . .sci fi meets Igbo tradition, I’d have preferred an Ada to Brinewater sha,but then. . . πŸ™‚

    • slimsiren Says:


      I love this comment. Igbo tradition?? I love it more than meatpie and scotch egg, and I believe i’m a mix between the two. All i write are stories, but there will always be depth in them. If you look deeper, you shall find. If you wish not to, then sit down, relax and enjoy the simplicity.

      P.S- I wonder who Brinewater is…

  10. ibetapassmynebo Says:

    Hian!!!! Deep…cool…dark…
    But all this on friday nite….hw wud I sleep now I am single?

  11. keLvin Says:

    “and not the weak swarshes of words…” I told you I will eh?
    But then again, only a mind like yours can so brilliantly churn up a word that seems so at home with its desired meaning..
    Generally, for those of us who can only sit back and appreciate such written artistry, I speak for many when I say, Slim we hope to go down this chasm at sometime and discover who/what our deepest fears are…
    Confront them head on and hopefully emerge the better.
    Proud of you dear..

    @Banx…Boss…you like war and destruction. And for some comments here all I can say is “deep calleth unto deep!”

    Looking forward to more..

    • Annie Says:

      So what does ‘swarshes’ mean then? Cos I couldn’t seem 2 find it anywhere…:-s

      • slimsiren Says:

        It means nothing. I like to make up my own words sometimes, to suit what I feel…

        Swarshes. Insudantha. You wouldn’t find them in any dictionary.

      • Annie Says:

        @slim-i dunno if it’s deliberate that we can’t reply 2 ur replies but…my point was I didn’t get the supposed desired meanin…I hv nothin against ‘word formin’ I do it all the time. I’d jst like 2 c comments that (a) I can relate 2 & (b) r not so blatantly non-objective…so that I can relate 2 them. (see I formed a word of my own!)

  12. Hehehe.

    I had a vision. πŸ™‚ So, banx has now gotten the siren? Izolgud (y)

    Ada’s story: I think it’s the delusion of self-sacrifice alongside the battle we fight within everyday. Yes, there is some evil in everyone. Battles fought daily within our earthly vessels. Some times, we convince ourselves we’re doing it for someone other than ourselves. This isn’t alwys the case. And, quite frankly, I don’t think the fight ever really ends.

    Banx, my luff πŸ™‚ you like violence too much. Go to church.
    I feel like your own story is unto spiritul levels sha. Good vs. Evil. But it’s also slightly similar to that of Ada’s. Delusion. Does the village really want? To be ruled? Or is it a victim as well? It could be a battle for souls (spiritual things)

    But then, how do we measure good and evil? Do we decide based solely on what the Holy books tell us? IMO, my good could be evil in the eyes of another. So, what then is the scale upon which our deeds will be weighed?

    PS: All typos are minw. Dalu.

  13. Laurenta Says:

    we are our own worst enemy

  14. slimsiren Says:

    Bankole, you ‘shilted’ me o!

    You told me to make mine longer and you went to post 2 paragraphs. God bless you o, you hear? God bless you velry velry well…

  15. slimsiren Says:

    @Annie- Its not deliberate. See, I can’t even reply your own reply.

    I’m not quite sure I get your meaning. You say you like to see ‘comments’ that you can relate to. Does ‘comment’ here refer to the word itself, ‘swarshes’ in the story, or a comment that I made? If its the later, I don’t think I wrote any esoteric comments down on this blog. If you are refering to the story, I believe the word was well put in context. It should be easy to read the sentence and derive its meaning.

    Swarshes just means…swarshes. Like clashes, but I needed a softer word to signify its weakness. Try to imagine two boys fighting with clothes rather than planks of wood…yeah. That’s the picture.

    Hope its clear now.

    P.S- I womder what gave you the idea that I would have something against you having something against word forming. *shrugs*

    • Annie Says:

      @slim – ok 1st, I said ‘I dunno if it’s deliberate’ cos I DIDN’T knw. Obviously since postin I hv found that it’s not but that wzn’t the point…& I assumed based on my choice of words that that wz clear. 2nd, my initial comment wz a reply 2 someone else’s comment…I again clearly assumed wrongly that by replyin 2 someone else’s comment it wld be clear who & wat I wz referrin 2. 3rd, sayin I had nothin against ‘word-formin’ wz not supposed 2 imply that U wld’ve anythin against me (or wateva the point wz of that bit…), we dunno each other so y wld we hv anythin against each other ( I don’t even understand hw u got that interpretation from those words but…) it’s a figure of speech.
      I deliberately chose my initial words cos they were supposed 2 only be clear to the person I wz referrin them 2…& if HE didn’t get it i’d’ve been very happy 2 clarify wat I meant 2 him. To be honest, I’didn’t expect anyone else 2 get it…& so I’m not surprised u didn’t.

  16. keLvin Says:

    Annie, take a chill pill…if I didn’t mention the word, it probably won’t have registered to you! Thanks ehn…

    • Annie Says:

      Take a chill pill implyin that I am other than chilled(?). The girl replied me cos she thot I wz referrin 2 her post…we’re busy tryin 2 clarify the misunderstandings that’ve cropped up in the course of the gist & u’r tellin me ‘take a chill pill'(?!) Wz I fightin wiv any1? Bearin in mind that if u’d jst answered the question I asked u in the 1st place she wldn’t’ve felt the need 2 ans 4 u…*eyebrow raised, lips pursed & blamin u 100%!!!!) wobbitch, comcombility. Kpem idem mmfo!

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