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The Other Place July 22, 2011

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I AfroSays, I bid you, welcome a brother.
His thoughts resound in my ears on dark days. I keep them archived.
Would you?

I Qurr! I beat the gong – that wails in the darkest eerie nights – at the place between the soul and mortality.I play a sound that no other human but you can hear; only you know where the shoe hurts. Listen.



The Summons by Qurr

On the path of a soul’s summon it is warm, pleasant and darkly comforting. Sweet fresh blood and sparks of neural twinkle, it was just what we needed as we waited. A waft of a breeze carrying her soul’s scent drifted towards me and the other diremons. We all could smell her fear and it excited us immensely. We bared our fangs in anticipation, our bellies lurching in sheer pleasure. This was our moment. She finally stood before us, and Pulse – her soul guardian – towered high right behind her, bearing her chronicles in his giant hands. Her pupils, the core of her eyes – with their deathly grey spectral outline – glittered in the dark. Streams of regret bridged the gap behind her eyes and between her ears as she sobbed softly. Her life would never be the same after this summon. By the time we’re done with her she would wish she had rather died.

“Frostbite”, a diremon growled, calling me. I looked to my right and saw them. Adverse sentinels bearing Origin’s intersecting maps. Pulse handed over her chronicles to the sentinels and stepped aside in all fairness. I chuckled at their idiocy as the maps were laid because I had been over those maps and her chronicles before the summons. There was no way they could be arranged to save her – it was like a jigsaw with missing pieces and her chronicles never, ever overlapped with the map spaces. She had never had the time or energy for that. The sentinels began to spin Origin’s map while Pulse kept inserting volumes of the chronicles, looking for an intersection of the map spaces and all the words, thoughts and actions she had ever had. For me I didn’t wait to begin the feast. I leapt at her to knock her down but she bent and rolled herself up like a ball. Nevertheless I got a generous mound of her neck. The other diremons joined as she fell apart. It was the beginning of the end for her. Pulse blinked and a tear dropped from his eye. She was trying to say something, so I ripped out her throat, dragging away the entrails with part of her lower jaw. Her lips parted anyway.

“My words and deeds have condemned me, and only the mercies of Origin can rescue me”, she said. At that moment, a new volume appeared in her chronicles and fit snugly into the map spaces. Simultaneously, two things happened: power surged into her as she rose up whole and shining like Pulse, and I and the other diremons experienced horror beyond our imagination. Between her and Pulse, this is definitely our end.


Why do people suffer? Whatever the reasons, when we suffer can our own words, deeds and thoughts ever really save us? If not, why not?

Freak Theater by AfroSays

There is no blood as her knives carve lines around my face. No anesthesia too. I feel pain, yes! I deserve to. And this old witch doctor, with her tall, over-bright lantern, she speaks bitter words as she administers her sorcery-surgery. We’re backstage, in my changing room. I am entertainment – a freak, a clown, a showman at the Theatre of Facades and Alter-Egos.

One day, I wore a mask, and I thought it quite clever so I began to wear it all the time because it changed how the world saw me. I became so impressed by the power of the mask that I stopped taking it off. Now it is stuck to my face. I had to get it off, so I called for the old lady’s magic lantern and spirit knives. It would be a night of living pain but if I don’t get this mask off, the mask would become my face.

I have seen many sad cases like mine, but in this city of masks, there are many other curious cases. There are some who’ve got half a mask and half a face, their masks have become part of who they are. There are others who, when they take off their masks, find their faces missing.

The witch doctor speaks on. Her words are painful but I know she is right, the mask must not become my life. But oh! Her tongue bears the keenest knives.

And as I bear her words, the mask falls into my hands. I can see myself again.


Identity fights the power of personalities in the light of the sometimes unwelcome truth of who we really are.




43 Responses to “The Other Place”

  1. iamsamsie Says:

    Jesus…I need to exorcise whoever is writing this..I fear for you.
    I will comment in daytime
    And u do know you have the makings of frank peretti?
    Pls try..would love to see u on the shelves.

  2. slimsiren Says:

    *jumping excitedly on my bed* omg! I love Qurr’s piece! Grrrrrrrr! So judgement-day-y!

    *drinks a gallon of sprite*

    Ok. Now on to my dear Banks’…

  3. slimsiren Says:

    Lmao! I’m such a bebelube! Why am I so excited??

    You guys ROCK! Alter-egos and Masks? Sharp tongues? Such depth! Deeeeeep depth! Phew!! *fans self* *faints*

    I believe I am in love.

  4. OMDzzz I just had to come down here to comment after reading Qurr’s piece…damn that is creative writing at it’s finest…hian…

  5. Ehn!! Qurr is writing?! Abegg, I can’t contain that amount of depth this night. Later mhen

  6. @bule_jr Says:

    i Never say this but Qurr you are a brilliant writer, i will definitely have you on mine soon. at your story, i have had my words get me out of tight situations(they may have been lies though) but it can work if well prepared. But i also saw a sense of victory for her and pulse and the defeat of the diremons is a sign that you can go from being an almost loser to being victorious. BRILLIANT

    @bankoles story, in this age where the rich oppress the poor and the skiny insult the fat and other stuff like that, i really dont blame people who have found an identitythat makes them comfortable. it can be either a breast implant or something similar but as long as they are comfortable and can be/express themselves , who are we to discriminate?

    • @Qurr Says:

      (Thanks bro. I’m a very lazy writer though. Thanks to Banxman who kept on pushing me)

      Ah yes I agree, our words can get us out of tight spots, but personally I realize that lies will always make you lose something in the end – directly or indirectly. And when you don’t lose something, someone else must have bee made to pay the price on your behalf. Hmmm. And yes! Anyone can go from zero to hero! 😀

    • afrosays Says:

      Brother, you are true.
      You know at first, I wrote that the mask was ugly at the end? Then I thought about it truly and I realized that the mask is sometimes necessary to survive, and not every mask is an ugly one.

  7. Okay Bankole…I tuaile for you too…

    From Qurrs piece…our words may not always make a difference, especially when the act has brought about irreparable damage. But they can help give us closure. There is power in words, how much is dependent on how much you invest your words with. Don’t know if I made sense sha…ehen…

    From Bankole’s piece…in life we’re all actors…we’re all forced to play certain roles at different times. However, once we discover who we really are, life takes on a new aspect. But our identity isn’t always accepted, so the choice is do you stand alone or do you conform. Only the strong of mind can remain without losing themselves. Developing that mental strength is the key.

    Wo…I don tire…deepness don too much…hian…

    • @Qurr Says:

      Ah you made a lot of sense, my guy. You are right that sometimes irreparable damage has been done and there is little that your words can change. I personally believe words have a stronger power when they are laid out in advance… you feel me?

    • afrosays Says:

      Mental strength. Mmmmmm.
      That not as easy as it sounds because once we find a mask that the world accepts, most people are reluctant to take it off.

  8. ibetapassmynebo Says:

    Wow qurr………ur piece tho…..I dunno if I am seeing things or really stuffs re coming outta my bedroom wall….Wow….nice!

  9. Laoye Says:

    Na night una dey post this kind thing?! Shuo?!

  10. @Qurr Says:

    Why do people suffer? I think suffering is a test that prepares one for another level of progress. Some people may say “I have never suffered” but if you look closely, suffering is defined using various standards in various people, because (I believe) nobody is self-sufficient. None is complete. Our continuous toil and “hustles” to gain good things and then our hustles to make sure the good things stay with us – is even yet another form of suffering, or isn’t that so?

    We humans, especially in this age, love quick fixes. We want something that can instantly get us out of a mess and quickly put us in place we would rather be. But I think our lives are woven more intricately than that; untangling things are never so easy if we did not pay attention while we were being roped in. In essence I’m saying our words and thoughts and deeds cause little changes over time and it is easier to handle them on a day to day basis than when they have accumulated and finally trap us in our own little hells. If we want a quick fix, you would have to look to the Origin *winks*

    Good one, comrade! The society often tries to tell us who we are. Who we should be. It defines the standards and it takes an absolute lot of willpower to withstand this identity battle. Some of us resist and try to stay unique, but we look around us and see beautiful masks…. what we do not see is the tears streaming down the faces behind the masks!

    In my books, it is better to be oneself, but I am fast learning that this rule is not hard and fast, so I am finally learning to compromise as well.

  11. slimsiren Says:

    Ok, my comments.

    Poor Pulse! I imagined him as a big protective bear, sobbing at the near loss of his beloved owner. Kinda like the Spirit in each of us…(abi is it soul?) The grace of forgiveness and mercy just awed me sha…

    Then I loved how you named God Origin. Afterall, he is the beginning and the end. And calling demons diremons. Nice original touch there.

    Of course, I could be assuming too much, but these are my inferences.

    @Banx’s piece: Awesome. I loved how these characteristics took personalities, I loved how he alluded to life as the ‘theatre’. I kept trying to imagine why entertainment would wear a mask, because we love him as he is. Then I remembered twitter where people drop their normal ways and friends for entertainment reasons, and it became clear.

    Half a mask and half a face, omo, I pity for you gan! Critical case of identity loss. Nothing is more dangerous than being molded to the fence, quietly comfortable with being perverted. Your chances of healing becomes minimal, if not nil.

    Over-bright lantern. Sharp knife/tongues. I can just imagine how searing those words must have been to his soul…in real life, that witch doctor should be a bible. Nothing snaps your conscience back in form like it.

    Alright! I don talk wetin dey my mind finish. Una, wellu done. U try no be small.

    • @Qurr Says:

      Thanks Ada! Spot on, God = origin and you’re correct about the Dire-mons (diremons) too! Hehe Pulse is the girl’s spirit, you are correct too. It’s only the spirit that can understand the maps (plans of God) etc. The sentinels are God’s messengers: angels, other humans, whatever. As for the forgiveness and mercy thing, I can’t but agree with you!

    • afrosays Says:

      “Then I remembered twitter where people drop their normal ways and friends for entertainment reasons…”

      The Twitter Theater helped write my own story, it and the general facade people have to take on in life.

      I do hope we all manage somehow to keep real life in perspective because some people kind of lose it over there. They seem forget all the things other that are important in life and let their Twitter life become too strong a part of them.

      May we always find truth to bring us back to reality.

  12. Sick_Sage Says:

    @Qurr: I’ve always known U to be awesome with creating other worlds, and making them so real that one could almost believe they existed…I’d love 2 read U write about something in everyday life,see how U’d depict the average,normal person. Ur piece, I felt it had to do with the troubles life brings our way, and the undeserved salvation we get just when we’ve lost all hope. There’s a strong religious undertone there, or maybe I’m just biased 🙂 .

    @Banx: Good writing, as usual, today I could actually see U leaning towards prose, as opposed to ur previous poetic pieces. Do we don masks, or are those just the faces we were meant to create? We’re born with a template,a blank face U could say, but as life happens to us, we gradually put on our game face, and experience provides the pieces we use in making our ‘mask’. Folks believe life’s a journey in which U discover yourself, I believe it’s like a sculpture; U make urself, with a lot of influence from ur surrounding environment. real that one could almost believe they existed…

    • afrosays Says:

      I shake my head as I reply your comment.

      You always have me doing that with your essentially explosive views, I always appreciate it whenever you leave a comment.

      I see your point of view and I’m guessing your theory would be that we do not really have that identity that I suggest is the core? That all we have are many masks suitable to different environments?

  13. Sick_Sage Says:

    Why do my posts keep coming in twice, ehn?

    @Qurr: I see I wasn’t wrong

    • @Qurr Says:

      Lol yes bro you’re correct 😀 but I wanted to leave it open ended too if possible. As for everyday normal people, you will read my post in “On being a man” – the Decades series by 8 authors, here on Afrosays!

      P.S. The apparently dual comments is cos your browser is saving the last comment you made inside the comment area, I think. It’s a wordpress thing!

    • afrosays Says:

      I’d help edit.

  14. BoukkieO Says:

    wow. both writings are thought provoking…

    @Qurr’s piece: truly, the power of life and death are in the tongue, and those who love it will eat it’s fruits.

    @Banxman’s piece: welldone! I think it takes courage to be yourself

  15. jael999 Says:

    “so I ripped out her throat, dragging away the entrails with part of her lower jaw.” <– How can one not love this?!!! When I saw the word 'diremon', the first things that came to my mind were, demon and direwolf. If that's what you had in mind, then, I love the combo..
    I believe the theme behind Qurrs piece is Salvation. I don't know how else to put it.. I think no one can ever truly save themselves, though some might be stubborn and try(myself included), but the Origin of all that exists, is the only one that make sense of our chaotic puzzle pieces..
    On Banx piece, I'm not sure where to start, maybe because, this days, it's 'cool' to be 'crazy', and I've seen so many people try hard to be what they're not.. I have worn masks too. Sometimes it's necessary.. But I believe, when you can't discern reality from fantasy, and when those who matter don't know who you are anymore, then telling you to *Pause* would be an understatement..
    Both pieces were so beautifully written though.. 😀

    • afrosays Says:

      ” I have worn masks too. Sometimes it’s necessary.. But I believe, when you can’t discern reality from fantasy, and when those who matter don’t know who you are anymore, then telling you to *Pause* would be an understatement..”

      That’s it right there!
      Sometimes, we don’t even know who we are anymore!

  16. jael999 Says:

    ah.. *these days.. Sorry.

  17. keLvin Says:

    First off, no tags..I almost missed this!

    What to say?
    Such intellectual depth appearing on the surface yet such subtle truth and hope seemingly hidden in the posts.

    @Qurr…suffering in this world is inevitable, its like breathing. However, its not meant to last forever, like you brilliantly showed, there comes a point we must reach for ‘that’ which/who is beyond the confines of our reasoning.
    Day by day, we face situations, keyword is ‘Face’ because we are going to definitely come acroos them and are meant to overcome. Pulse was faced with hers, she was scared undoubtedly, probably haunted with a past of ills and evils but that divine trait that mortal exhibits that sits him with divinity:Mercy came into play.
    I’m probably just yapping but the depth of mercy and forgiveness indeed can only emanate from one borne out of The ‘Origin’

    @Banx… Masks, alterEgos, dual, a mixture of a lot. Different sides craving expression. Some find it easy to be one with some and yet another with others.
    It was Plato I think who said “Man, Know Thyself” I personally believe that we are more than who we are or who people see.
    We carry nations, generations within us, its probably normal we forget who WE really are attimes… That said though, identity has always been man’s greatest problem.when we discover who we are by looking at HIM from whom we came, who though being 3 is 1, then we will realise that inspite of ‘how many’ we are, the end reality is being true to ourself!
    Gibberish? I hope not…

    Jeez! Where did all this depth come from?
    What a night!
    Back to watching shadows move around on my ceiling..

    • afrosays Says:

      “its probably normal we forget who WE really are at times…”

      That’s also right there in the story; one always needs a good dose of un-watered truth to keep identity in focus. Thanks for sharing mehn!

      I didn’t tag people on Twitter because I was too lazy too and sometimes, it doesn’t really affect the stats, the people that read here usually find their way here eventually.

      Jeez ~ Ask Qurr to stop digging the floor!
      Back to sending scary shadows to your ceiling.

  18. 0latoxic Says:

    The sad thing about arriving here late is that anyattempt at ‘depthness’ might just turn out to be an effort in futility.

    I’ll just echo everyone’s saying “I loved Qurr’s piece”. The salvation theme is one we need to constantly be reminded on. I love how the emphasis is not on it’s availability, which IS important, nor on the mercy and grace from above which make it available, but on the power of the confession. All we need do is ‘confess’ to gain access to the salvation which has always been available to us.

    Mek I just pity Banx talk somtin, mek im nor go too cry :p I loved your piece today, mehn. Especially compared to the previous fridays. I liked the more ‘sincere’, not so cryptic style which STILL allows for several different interpretations. I must say, I love how Ada brought twitter into focus. It’s over there we see and are even personally most guilty of such as is depicted here. What’s most important is our realising that that is just a stage and that we must remove the mask when we come off it. Lest we become the character we were meant to only briefly portray. Aura cool immediately comes to mind… 😀

    • afrosays Says:

      You go dey form pitying abi?
      Soponna go make you bigger!

      Anyhow sha, the way I write this Trench thing, it’s just how the emotion flows, and earlier I was not so sure how honest to be; I was honest all right but you know how it is when one opens his soul, it’s always with some trepidation.

      “What’s most important is our realising that that is just a stage and that we must remove the mask when we come off it. Lest we become the character we were meant to only briefly portray. ”

      We forget to turn that Twitter persona off sometimes too (as if I even join) and I couldn’t agree with you more, we must never forget the value of our character.

  19. I cannot tell aa lie. Qurr’s post is too deep for me jhor. Eeven as I waited till this morning I’m still feeling a slight headache thinking of a deep comment to post.
    Why do people suffer? Because that’s life. Life is full of trials. Sufferring itself is a state of the mind. Like being happy. It’s only suffering if you allow it be so (which most people do)

    @banx your piece reminded me of bleach ^_^ I’m so far behind and need to catch up. If anyone has from episodes 201 and can see this, please holla at your ghel.
    Erm, masks, alter-egos, facades. Everyonee wears a mask once in a while. Society puts so much prressure on us that it’s almost impossible to survive by being wholly and completely.yourself.

    Darrisaall. I want ribena 😐

  20. TweetKid14 Says:

    I will definitely have to read both pieces again and again to completely grasp at least 50% of the message being passed,
    for Qurrs piece
    i fink that because words are the things that usually get us in trouble, they should normally suffice to get us out alas that is not the case as it is only when there is enough proof or belief that we actually means those words and can back them up with the required actions, then and only then can we recieve a measure of redemption or salvation as the case may be.

    as for the original Gong beater himself
    i feel that when we start the ultimate journey towards self discovery we are unaware that the journey has begun and thus over time there a number of different entities and like u said personalities fighting for control of our subconscious which ultimately influences what we should be , but only in discovering our selves and being comfortable with what we find can we be bold enough to share that person with the rest of the world and for sake all false personae or identities

    • afrosays Says:

      Yo! Tweet kid, we all gong-beaters meehn!
      Anyone that writes here is.

      You did a great job on breaking it all down.

      “…but only in discovering our selves and being comfortable with what we find can we be bold enough to share that person with the rest of the world…”

      I love that idea sir!

  21. saboswhite Says:

    Moved by d piece….u guys r realy talented

  22. missbeemuse Says:

    Wow! *bows in awe*…literally
    @Qurr-The words “My words and deeds have condemned me.Only the mercies of Origin can rescue me” & the effect it had depict the power in asking for help.Not shutting your much,not thinking you can handle it,not resigning to fate or taking any situation in stride but actually admitting that you have brought doom upon yourself and you need help…you need to be saved.God’s mercy is always there and he is ever willing & ready to help but he has given us up to our will & choices.If you don’t ask for help or ask to be forgiven or ask to be saved…well,there are diremons out there.
    @Bankole-Very very nice piece.To me,the masks inferred characters and personas we sometimes have to put on not just in the quest to seem more fun or more appealing to others but because of our insecurities.The things that creep up on us & make us feel less of ourselves.Its these things that I feel make us put on these masks because if it were not for our insecurities why would we need masks in the first place?
    These are my inferences though.
    Would most def be back here!

  23. Ekwe Says:

    I must have read this story a dozen times secretly. Daz how in love I am with qurrs piece. but tonight ,I set out to read both pieces again cause I have never understood banx’s story. now I do. in the quiteness of this midnight,I do. I have never actually been a fan of The Trench series because I avoid writings that are intended to make me comment on real life issues. but I just appreciated the meaning inherent in banxman’s amazing imagery nd I must say… Quite True.

    I can see how this ‘clown’ lost the line between personality and performance,leading to a ‘superimposition’ of chatacter. the point was well made.
    Origin shall live forever!! when I get to browse on a PC(its been three months now), I will save the story.

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