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Circles of man July 29, 2011

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I AfroSays, I call.
To those with hearing ears and seeing eyes.
Find the travelling wise man in the midst of you.

I, OlaToxic, I beat the gong tonight- that it resound within your spirit and soul- I bring you revelation and truth and light- that the sound may make you whole.



The Hum by OlaToxic

We trudge forward. Billions-strong, we march. We don’t even see the road anymore, only the one in front of us, feeling only the push of the one behind us. We jostle on, jostled by the ones on either side and we jostle back. We cannot stop, we must not stop. The hum of our voice collective drowns out any other sounds we may have heard. We hear only each other. We hear only each other now.

We were not always like this. We used to soar the skies. But now… We hardly even look up there anymore. The hum is too loud. It is madness.

Stubs now poke out of our upper backs, from whence our wings once flourished. Winged ones still fly the skies we do not look up to. From their vantage point, they can see where they are headed, and where we are headed… Mostly. Sometimes. Every now and then, a winged one flies so close, always drawn in by the hum, so close that we can touch them. And we pluck them, drag them down and bite off their wings, leaving them in the dust that envelopes us. And we trample on in our exodus to nowhere, now even more populated and hating it.

The hum. The hum is everything. The hum would sometimes bring a winged one to alight on the ground a ways from us… And drive them so mad, like us, that they would twist and constrict on themselves and proceed to bite off their own wings. The act a grotesque beauty in itself. And they join us too.

We feed. Only on our stubs. The stubs, they grow back, and we feed on the one in front of us. As the one behind, feed on ours.

But a few of us walk backwards, eyes constantly on the still-winged ones in the skies above, and they thirst, and long, and wish, and hope, and desire. And in their longing and desiring, their wings flourish, and blossom, and sprout. And they may return to the skies from whence they came…

And the day comes when each one of us arrive at the precipice that we never saw approaching. The hum, now so loud, that it drowned out the screams, until we ourselves, on the edge, screamed too. And were only pushed forward by those behind, who knew not what lay ahead, except for the stubs they could see. The stubs on our backs that flapped desperately in their utter uselessness as we plunged to nothingness.

And high above us, the winged ones spread their beautiful plumes and soar on back into Eden.


We are all on a journey. But are you still headed to the place you first took off for? And does innocence lost equal wisdom gained?

The Worst by AfroSays

A cold rope bound his legs together and his arms to his sweaty body. A cold, fat rope. Smooth. Strong! He was waking slowly and that’s all the sensation he was awakening to.

He opened his eyes slowly to face the serpent that was coiled around him, towering above him like an evangelist on Sunday morning. For a moment, he thought it beautiful but in the quarter of the quarter of a second, his mind flipped into the bizarre world of white and red and many record-breaking movements in the usual manner of all endangered sapiens. Panic.

But he could not move. His mind bitterly lamented the fact that it could not take care of its vessel. His body vibrated violently in the same place, and in that place of heightened animalistic alertness, the jeweled serpent struck.

He closed his eyes in morbid anticipation.

He freaked as the serpent licked his left ear, telling him evils. He only needed to wish them on his enemy, the same one who’d filled his heart with black hatred and his thoughts with retribution right before he slept. He wished her the worst.

The worst befell her.

In the hospital room, as pain sped through her destroyed body, she felt an insect creep into her left ear, telling her evils. Evils she could wish on her enemy.

The worst befell him. Then those who those she loved, then those he loved, and so on.


Revenge. Is anyone righteous is taking it? The implications.




23 Responses to “Circles of man”

  1. jAyajade Says:

    Loved both entries especially the first…it reminds me that being different-loving anime,art,deciding to wait for marriage, my love for God, looking out for the best in people-is not a bad thing that sometimes ‘the hum’ may be a drive in the wrong direction then again there’s the song in the sky where I can find fellowship with people like me who believe that even though my wings are gold and grey and theirs are white or pink or multicoloured we all should live our dreams….awesome writing Olatoxic, never stop.

  2. BoukkieO Says:

    wow. revenge… hmm. I’m sure anyone who has been wronged has reason enough to want to revenge, but “an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind”.

    someone wanted to know earlier if demons could be pardoned and allowed to be angels once again.. i think @Olatoxic’s piece answers that.
    Brilliant work, guys!

  3. Ekwe Says:

    I especially like the phrase “…our voice collective…” in the first,er, visualization. I am probably not,er, smart enough or have the time to figure out how this Trench thing relates to real life,but the beauty of the allusions appeal to my sensibilities.
    I see them as short snippets of an alternate reality. well done sha. I wonder where banxman finds the time to compose these things.

    it seems olatoxic is alluding to peer pressure.that much is obvious.t

  4. alex Says:

    Revenge is like self detruct mode.
    Nurturing vengeful thoughts, bitterness and anger will eventually cause it to spread from that particular person it is directed at to those who are innocent of that hurt,but close enough to be affected by ur actions and words.

  5. d3ola Says:

    To me the first story is all about people pushing you into what you don’t want to do. The ones that walk backward and fly have realized what is going on and have departed leaving the rest to their fate. The hum? Your parents, your friends, people who are constantly talking and pushing you to your inevitable disaster.

    Revenge … The grip and the hold to exact evil over your enemy is so strong. In the end, you just give in altogether.

    I’ve never commented on Trench days but these two stories hit right at home. Good job guys.

  6. @Qurr Says:

    That’s a lovely view of man’s inner wars! Man’s reach exceeds his grasp. We wish and crave for what we do not have, maybe simply because we are curious, or we believe it will make us better in some way. And then we become one of the growing statistics. As you stated, sometimes it’s too late and one cannot get back to that point of innocence. Sometimes. Sometimes… but if you can return to Innocence (now plays Enya’s track) by all means do!

    Revenge is a temporary solution that involves a permanent stroke of madness. Permanent, i.e. it’s effect will continue to ring through time. Only a temporary solution; you go further and farther – the thirst is never quenched. I don’t believe in revenge. At least not exactly :p Rather I believe we should instead help people that dragged us out of the skies in our innocence, to return to their own Innocence (refer to Olatoxic’s post). Then just maybe they can haul us back into the skies again…

  7. Slim Says:

    Omo Toxic!! You are too deep o! I was freaked out, honestly. I got the message of losing focus and ‘hoping-and-believing’, but the things falling and chewing themselves?? Eeekkk!!!
    Your story reminds me of that saying “Keep your head on when everyone is losing theirs.”

    Banx, omo mi, this story is familiar. Doesn’t dampen my love for it though. Revenge is an animalistic feeling, as far as I’m concerned, and death to all animalistic feelings! (yes, even lust). Its always been the death of us. The satisfaction which one gains from revenge is perverse, like all evils, and pervertion is the curse of man. Wellu done, my blood-er.

  8. 0latoxic Says:

    Sadly, I don’t have access to a modem this night so I won’t be able to reply each comment directly. Which means I’ll havta do this the hard way…

    @jAyajade You pointed out something I myself missed, that even all the winged-ones despite one destination, have different destinies and purposes and so they must each find their own way. Thank you so much for the encouragement, ma’am.

    @BoukkieO While I’m not entirely sure demons can return to celestial glory, I do believe virtue in we humans can be restored. That is why we have been provided mercy and grace. All we need do is accept…

    @Ekwe You and I know you are plenty smart and are, as you may recall I’ve mentioned before, even a source of inspiration to me. There are several talking points in that piece and peer pressure is certainly one of them

  9. 0latoxic Says:

    @d3ola Redemption is most certainly another talking point. We can rise above the mistakes that we may have been forced to make, or may have made despite others’ warnings, and become better people.

    @Qurr Spot on, bruv, spot on.

    @Slim Pleasure freaking you out m’lady. Our offices are open 24/7, please feel free to come again 😉

  10. Okay now…Olatoxic has entered the Mariana Trench…um…no pun intended.
    Seriously tho…that was really deep mehn…reminds me of one of the Heroes online comics…only those willing to step out of the crowd ever look up. And that courage is what brings them their redemption. Being different is a struggle when everyone thinks of you as mad or stupid.
    Banxman…revenge…an age old topic…hate is a venom, the longer it stays in an individual, the more damage it causes. Revenge is a daughter of hate, hence in the long run it only brings forth destruction as well. Remove hate, revenge is unnecessary.
    Great pieces guys.

  11. 0latoxic Says:

    @Mallam Sometimes, a winged one comes close enuf to be dragged down, but fights hard and might escape unharmed, ormaybe with bruises, or even one broken wing. But if they fight hard enuf, they may not have to join the humming throng, afterall. The struggle goes on…

    @Afrosays Revenge is an endless and vicious cycle, which if looked closely at, would make one realise that you lose more than you already have, more than you can ever gain, more than you can ever make the other one lose, when it is resorted to. Revenge is a boomerang, it will always come back and bite you in the ass.
    That’s why HE says, “Vengeance is Mine…”

    Thanks for having me on here *bows low*

  12. highlandblue Says:

    Funny enough, this post has strong Christian themes. Everyone is actually lost. The winged ones I will liken to the little children who lose innocence when they come into contact with adults. Many times, spiritual renewal (personal or national) is preceded by a time in the wilderness, where we are allowed the solitude from the offending world to think straight and be mentally renewed. You can’t beat them if you join them.

    And about revenge. Humans will always seek revenge for some twisted reason. Even if it were on your death bed and you would not remain alive to reap the fruits of it (whatever they could be), people prefer dying with that satisfaction of having inflicted some sense of punishment. But then, is there really a spiritual clearing house for all offenses? If our offenses were put on the scale, would they outweigh the offenses of others against us? Or do we just choose to be blind anyway?

    Thank you Ola.

  13. zoehugs Says:

    demons and angels..
    Please put talents to good use.
    We need a Nigerian frank perretti

  14. @basooh Says:

    nw goin 2 read 4 d 3rd time. If i dont get it now dat is all

  15. ThinkTank! Says:

    ‘The hum’ I love that one. The imagery is too vivid to me. I wish to God I could make a 3 minute video of what I imagined when I read it. (it didn’t help that I was listening to ‘For whom the bell tolls’ by Apocalyptica.

    Its all been said, so I will keep my thoughts brief. The hum – the temptation to join in what is acceptable, standard, to settle for what is less than your dreams, the loss of vision and focus.

    Excellent job Ola.

  16. So, Toks beat the drum (y)

    Err, the hum. Basically what everyone else has said. Oh and the whole thing about misery loving company.

    @banx regrettably, I’m a revenge-oriented person. It’s kinda difficult for me to let things go. And I practice the revenge-is-best-serveed-cold philosophy. This is a sad thing, I know, but *shrug* it makes me feel better

  17. 0latoxic Says:

    @OriJesu Wow! You’re the deep waters, mehn. Almost lost me in that depth there 😀

    @ThinkTank! You brought to light a whole ‘nother perspective on this. The tragedy that is ‘settling’. Very true. Love your PoV

    @Cece No be drum I beat o! Na gong!! *runs to hide behind banx*
    …Misery loving company? (Y) The natural human reaction to realising you can’t go any higher is to pull whoever would let you down. Best to avoid such people. Thank you luv

  18. jael999 Says:

    I read, came down to comment, tried to put down all I felt, lost focus, then went to read it again.. How can I comment when it’s so much?! It’s too fucking much!!! My heart literally constricted a few times reading both Banx’s and Toxic’s accounts..

    Present thought pattern: Gnawing on their stubs.. a serpent.. slimy.. snakes are gross.. hum.. I’m in that crowd.. I’m a hummer.. can’t afford one though.. revenge.. wisdom.. innocence.. when you revenge you have no wisdom.. an innocent.. pistachio ice cream..

    Forgive me. I honestly cannot make a coherent sentence on this post.. The vividness is too enthralling..

    Kudos to you both..!

  19. raihanah Says:

    @Olatoxic Most times.. Innocent lost IS wisdom found.. Its all about the lessons learned.. Exactly why Carrie underwood’s ‘Lesson’s Learned’ is one of my favourites..I am thankful for every tear..and every break in my heart..even when I knw I can never have my innocence back… After an experience ‘feeds on my wings’..I sprout another from my stub..soar again..and I honestly think the ‘Hum’ is difft each time.. “Hope is the thing with Wings” :)..

    @banxman – if only for each time you wish some1 worse..they get ‘worse’ or atleast bad (NEPA,MTN and 419ers for don crumble).. Many times evil may go unpunished;in this life anyways or we just don’t see it.. I don’t bother to revenge;that is too heavy a weight that cuts deep into the soul.. Karma,my girlfriend,does it for me.. Real nice post..

  20. […] I made an appearance on ‘Spooky Fridays’ on Afrosays on friday night. Please check out Circles of Man if you haven’t already and please leave some […]

  21. Newton Samson Says:

    A strange combination of writings, its like a swordsman brandishing two swords yet fights with his scabbard. There’s wisdom in your write up. Drawing it to what obtains in life. We are all blind as to what the future holds and we all plunge into it placing our hopes and footsteps on those that have gone before us. Sometimes some would find the courage to find a new path we call them the PATHFINDERS, and that’s what you guys are doing. Revenge? Its just doing unto someone what has been done to you.

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