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For the heck of it August 30, 2011

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I AfroSays,
The goddess caresses my soul… she plucks the chords that travel in soul space and share these vibrations I feel right now.
These vibrations are an artsy high. Do you ever get there?

A gypsy. With his harem pants, his lyre and his starry eyes.
No shirt so the winds caress his being.

Nature is for us all.

He sits on that hill that overlooks the city.
The air around him is cool. It’s water. It’s sea. It’s peace.
Breathe slowly. Breeze.

The sky is the language of colours.
Violet speaks. Yellow laughs. Pink weeps.
Black sexes.
White runs wild and free.
These children of gloom and glee.

He smiles.
Silence and lyre and sad, happy words.
He sings of love and living.
Of pain and living.
Of living.

Let the wind dance.
Let the colours be.
If often, you find yourself beside me, you’d know what I mean.
This is the place where we’re truly alive.
I soak in these emotions that pulse through me in overwhelming waves and waves.

Usually, I just smile and close my eyes.
I live for these times.

Maybe she just hurt me.
Maybe it’s been a tough day.
Maybe money just found me.

I’d come here on this hill.
And play,
Or listen to others play.

And the art of it, I’d be soaked in it. For the heck of it.

Inspired by heavy doses of The Weeknd, Lupe and Bon Iver. And by you. PyroKinetic.


12 Responses to “For the heck of it”

  1. awizii Says:

    I posted a poem last night on seeing what lies beneath everything around us. For me, it’s the reason I write. It’s amazing how the chords from a folk singer’s guitar can bring out such beautiful verses. I love Bon Iver.

    “I’d come here on this hill.
    And play,
    Or listen to others play.

    And the art of it, I’d be soaked in it. For the heck of it.

    I think the acoustic guitar is the most beautiful musical instrument ever made. The chords of inspiration, of goodness, of depth, of beauty, of music, of art.

  2. Ms_Anee Says:

    *clapping* I love this 😀

  3. Glory Says:

    Permit me to say beautiful. And beautiful. I know, I know.

  4. I love poetry ^_^

    Oh! Before io forget…

    Deep -_-

  5. There’s some peace-ful-ness embedded in those lovely words.
    I understand that nirvana state man. Nice piece.

  6. @edgothboy Says:

    Love this… Actually wrote something similar to this a while back but in mine somehow love and loss crept in. Bien!

  7. kitkat Says:

    I’ve been on that hill a couple of times, but i need to get there more often. I have to channel my inner buddha!

  8. OYE Says:

    This is a good piece I enjoyed it more reading from buttom to top, I’m weird like that, its the way I’m wired…good to see my bon iver prescription at work on u *salute*

  9. Betty Says:

    Just got around to reading this.

    It’s beautiful. It truly is.

    I want me some of that music.

  10. Ayo Says:

    Those sublime undertones of serenity just filters through … Truly Nirvana.

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