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Shadow Tail October 18, 2011

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This is the dawn of another night.
The night has long been abused, they call it a time of sorrow, a time of gnashing of teeth; they say the sun cometh in the morning…
May the sun never come!
I am of lunar soul, trenchant knucklehead, me. I love the night! All my neighbours, they have been eaten by the monster they call home and in the belly of the beast, they are silenced, even if for a while.
I am outside tonight. Shirt off!
The streets are clean. The air is clean. The internet is clean. More importantly, the dimension we call Thought Express, it is clean. Brain traffic is at a minimum and we need the scarce bandwidth to be who we are.
I stretch. I launch myself on the comet, ShadowTail, and we project.
Who am I?
Who are we?
Did you ever see a beam of joy, like a pulse, like the shadow of a comet, race down your streets three a.m. in the morning?
Slow down that vision.
Did you ever imagine that what you saw was a half-naked child with a head full of black fibers running down the road, his hands behind his back, holding a pulsing ball of brilliance? Did he have the most rapturous smile on his face? You dismissed that thought didn’t you?
I’d be around where you are if it is somewhere to be around. I’d be seeking that quintessential, picking up coins like dear Nintendo’s Mr Mario, leaping into the air for gold rings like Sega’s Mr. Sonic; If I ever crash, I’d be sure to remember that this existence is no PlayStation. I run parallel to what I aim to discover, it’s close but it’s perpetually inaccessible. I keep running however, hoping that these parallel lines cross at some point in the future and then the big ‘why?’ becomes an ‘oh really?’
One day I’d cover most of the world but I know I’d never cover all of it for these medals I pick up along the way, they weigh me down; these gold medals, they are excerpts of worldly wisdom. With each new coin or ring that I put in my purse, I lose some grab on the comet I ride on.
Pretty soon I might be walking on the road like those few old people I see on the sidewalks. They don’t look extremely happy but they seem content. Maybe I’d have enough coins and rings to buy me common sense, and my breakneck travel on Thought Express would be abandoned. Maybe some other kid, maybe my kid would hop on that comet and try to discover why the world is the way it is. Maybe I’d be the one telling him to take the world as it is, tempting him with a meager bag of coins.
I doubt it!
Why? ShadowTail and I are not the only ones that travel these parallel lines. If you’ve read this far with a smile on your face, the kind that betrays recognition, you’re with me, and company, even your company, makes even the most arduous journey sufferable.
Give PinkBeam a caress, or is he DarkWave? BlackBolt? WhiteFire? RedSpark? Is she PurpleStream? IndigoSea? ‘ColeurWing?
Count your coins, your rings, and let there be a chorus of cling-clangs in this fresh night air as we throw away the faulty wisdom we have discovered. Keep the trusty gold medals, you might eventually find enough to retire.
Hold your comet, your catalyst, your propellant with arms outstretched behind you.
Ahoy! Launch and run free!
And don’t forget to take your shirt off if you feel like it.

32 Responses to “Shadow Tail”

  1. @s_Hotzs Says:

    A master piece as usual…..bravo!!!

  2. @s_Hotzs Says:

    A master piece as usual…..bravo!!!

  3. Glory Says:

    But we females can’t take off our shirts without causing trouble now… lol. Happy Birthday again, lovely post. 🙂

  4. My darling. There is a smile on my face; the kind that betrays recognition. ColeurWing says hello.

  5. BoukkieO Says:

    This, is WOW! Happy birthday, Banx.

  6. ibetapassmynebo Says:

    Happy birthday. .
    Bia which neighbours again???? LOL be careful oh

  7. Pha't Says:

    :)….. Take a friggin bow. Oh n it seems to be ur birthday so… Happy birthday.

  8. The 13th Alchemist Says:

    Birthday greetings

    Many a smile of recognition crossed my face as I read this. Alas I think I have collected too many coins to truly be a companion of Shadowtail. I may be RedSpark. Ideas bursting forth in a flash every minute of everyday in the multi-layered existences that is my head. But the passion to drive through is mostly gone. Except on rare occasion. Where the words weave themselves too tightly or the equations speak too loudly to be ignored.

    Redspark. SilverBeam. ThinkTank. The 13th Alchemist. We all wave as ShadowTail streaks past and wish him well as we hope and wait for the next comet fast enough to carry us too and bring that freedom and joy that’s etched on his face to ours. Carry us. Gold coins, rings and all.

    Till then, we live vicariously through you. Banxman. Afrosays. Shadowtail. Xoafro.

    Well done.

    This one is dear to my heart.

  9. awizii Says:

    BlackBolt, were you in my head when you christened him? Yes, I’m convinced we’re kindred spirits, and thanks to you I will continue this journey picking up more rings and launching out on this path confident that my mind will lead me to a destination, safe and content.

    Thanks for always being an inspiration and Happy Birthday.

  10. awizii Says:

    So ShadowTail, BlackBolt says hi!

  11. Kelvin Says:

    ShadowTail, BlackBolt, IndigoSpark, ColeurWing… Nigga you left me out. I understand..Happy birthday again… Yeah its BabaSuwe..No shit!

  12. 0latoxic Says:

    ShadowTail is giving this White Fire simpleton a headache
    Still got love for my bruh though
    Happy Birthday, DarkMind


  13. Terdoh Says:

    All of una dey claim name. I claim LipStickFaceWithPowderOnTheSide. No relatives.

    Master Piece Banx. And Happy Birthday.

  14. zoey Says:

    Happy birthday monsieur afro…..

  15. jAyajade Says:

    Beautiful! Happy Birthday! Comets infinity..

  16. Good to be here after a while. *running free under the dotted night sky* Feels good. Coin collection on hold for now. Happy birthday man!

  17. PreyingMantis Says:

    Very refreshing

  18. Highlandblue Says:

    Appaz my battery died before I could post my comment that day. Lol. Happy birthday Rationalist. I watch your search with delighted interest and pray you find what you’re looking for (y)

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