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A case for monsters November 11, 2011

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The goddess beckons to you.
She’s been in Castle Noir these past few weeks, speaking without saying words. Speaking still, and I have been listening alright.
These stories she asks me to share are for you, so that you know that she is, and forget her not.

Please bring your offerings still, or she will have my head.

I beat a gong alive. I beat a freak of a gong. Do you see that AfroSays?



A spook is always judged.
The multitude of persons who come across stories of our not-so-pleasant encounters with the ones who are unfortunate enough to be undone by us make us out to be evil beings.
I, today, am here to set this right.
I am a city poltergeist, much the debonair kind. A fashionado in city speak. A well tailored suit rests quite dapperly on my ashen skin. My hair is properly combed and flicked back with two palm-fulls of sticky digestive juices and my fingernails are well trimmed. The confident musk that accompanies my eerie presence is good quality eau de Goblin. I think you shall find it easy to receive me for I project a semblance much like the best of you.
Unfortunately, there are not many like me given to the details of a good supernatural presentation; the appearance of most of my kind would cause your teeth to powder with chattering and your legs to warm with your wetness. This does not mean we are malevolent. Do not judge a book by its cover.
Monsters, imps, spirits, beings under the bed and in dark closets, bogeymen, ghosts, demons, spooks all, we are all souls like you. Just like you. It pains me buckets that you do not know; you do not see how you truly are. We are only without our interfaces, and these weak interfaces are the illusions that you worship. When they are gone, you’re one of us. Exactly as you are, as ugly as your deepest secrets.
I would ask you furthermore, what a human being is that does not live? An example would be a comatose human. What is his purpose? He has no place in your existence.
I would ask you again, furthermore, what the other beings in your ecosystem think of you? The cockroaches which you destroy, the mosquitoes which you poison, the rats which you eradicate, the bacteria and viruses which you decimate, the plants which your existence is pernicious to? Do you think they think of your existence as altruistic? You should know better.
I shall make my case so. Just as you are an absolute evil to lesser beings than you, we, as superior beings might not be held in high regard by your lot. Nightmares and the entire execution of horrific experiences are expedient to our kind.
Summarily, Our purpose is to terrorize and to fulfil purpose is righteous.

17 Responses to “A case for monsters”

  1. edgothboy Says:

    And I make a case for the Incubi, we don’t mean to seduce your women and leave them with evil spawn, we come to comfort them when your side of the bed is cold and you’re away. So don’t judge if we leave little souvenirs of our time spent doing your duty. A case for the Incubi. Spooky stuff Banx! Spooky stuff! 🙂

  2. UcheAnne Says:

    Okay. Interesting concept. Not my favourite Afrosays post, but it’s always a pleasure to read here.

  3. Good one. I might hesitate a second longer nxt tym i see a roach

  4. Glory Says:

    You’ve just gotta love Afrosays.

  5. ThinkTank! Says:

    Black-hearted villains and things that go bump in the night need love too…

  6. i see what you did here. Thought provoking, but are these evil spirits really superior to the human folk? I thought they were all subservient to us. Most of us just don’t know how much power we really have and those that do mostly do not know how to harness it.

  7. leonmacedon Says:

    There’s always both sides to a story. Some see good, some see evil. To the crawling creatures man is evil, to a man his enemy, be it an atomic bomb or anoda man is evil. A balance needs to always be maintained, there’s good and there’s bad. There’s darkness and there’s light. There’s this and there’s that.

  8. whiteboi Says:


  9. Haemlet Says:

    Interesting piece! i Liked your use of words

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