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A chest of fruits February 22, 2012

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Metaphors are the joy of us all and they are the gifts we share with each other. Today, a friend shares a bag of metaphors for us. Shall we dig in?
@itz_bigboiler’s words:
The cool breeze of the sylph Afrosays swooped a pollen grain towards me
It was a grain like no other
she sang the coolest of melodies to my ears
Serenaded my hearts
Captured my soul
Made my spirits soar
My megalomania mellowed when I realized her suss
I took her in, and here is the fruit of my womb



A festoon of shiny dark hairs curled like a noodle

Resting on an enlarged cashew

Two black and glowing stones dwelling between two peeled eggs

A schnozzle protruding like a carrot

Two strawberry-red slabs unleashing a radiant smile

An antagonistic arraignment of bleached heterogenous grains

A slenderized stem running into 3 tributaries

With the midmost bearing two juicy oranges

Oranges that had sprouts

Irrigation washed through the style all the way to the pistil

The desire of every spermatocyte

Posteriorly lies a cottony lump gapped by a straight line

All of which are carried by two thin trunks

This is the woman,the one I love.

Find the art of our @itz_bigboiler here


16 Responses to “A chest of fruits”

  1. *grabs dictionary*

    Oya lemme read it again. *sigh*

  2. edgothboy Says:

    I had to read it twice to unlock the methodology of the poem and I have to admit, I am amazed. Subtlety is a powerful weapon and the ability to disguise the erotic in the mundane, genius! Bravo!

  3. Haha!
    I got to the end and had to go back up to read again…
    If that was your intention, you totally got me!

  4. raihanah Says:

    Ooh… Deisre of every spermatocyte ey.?
    I love the eggs..and the carrot… And ofcourse,the tributaries 🙂

  5. PreyingMantis Says:

    Line 4: “Serenaded my hearts”. Hearts??

    Line 6: Spirits? How many you got?

    This was unnecessarily complicated. Sucked the fun out of it.

    What is the point of writing if 99.999999999% of your readers have the ‘WTF’ face after reading your work? You find consolation in the imaginary readers in your head?

    You tried too hard.

  6. Rikkytoyin Says:

    Had to read twice before I could grasp that its a full description of a woman. This is ingenious. More elbow to your grease.

  7. gretel Says:


  8. mikistones Says:

    I Love it.

  9. […] *************************** READ MY POST ON AFROSAYS here […]

  10. Yusuff Olusola Ibrahim Slowslug Says:

    My brother… I’m always impressed

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