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The Beginning of our love story May 10, 2012

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Today, I beat the gong of sweet itching and an all-consuming desire.




This is the beginning of our love story.
I am watching you watch me with a smirk on your face
Because you can see me cringe whenever
My boyfriend puts his arm around my shoulders
Or presses his hand into the small of my back.
And although the hairs I decided against shaving
All bristle in indignation;
I am not able to unlock my gaze from your face.
This is the beginning of our love story.
You follow me to the tray of spring rolls
And stop my hand from selecting
That golden-brown one with some stuffing sticking out.
You brush your fingers over my hand;
As if testing for my response.
One which isn’t long in coming
Because those traitorous bastard hairs on the back of my palm,
All rise to your touch- like they’ve been waiting forever.
And this is the beginning of our love story.
The escape to the back room- and you follow.
You follow and shut the door behind you.
You lock the door behind you then stop
When I can see the tips of your shiny shoes
Opposite my black-covered toenails.
And I move forward till we are touching.
My toes against your shoes.
Your shoes against my toes
that stick too far out of my sandals.
This is the beginning of our love story.
Heavy breathing, tongue clashing;
Head rolling, back. Hands seeking, forward.
My back against the wall. Cold fingers kissing my spine.
Heart palpitations. Throat constrictions.
No words. No thoughts.
Feeling; then some more.
Lust. Wanting. Pining. Yearning.
Phone vibrating.
This is the end of our love story.
My phone vibrates and my eyes snap clear.
Clear of the riotuous emotions
That only just threatened to drown me.
This is the end of our love story- I think.
I straighten my dress and walk away from you.
You, my first love.
Because though you remain clueless,
You are the first man,
Who has made me feel.



23 Responses to “The Beginning of our love story”

  1. gretel Says:

    hmmmm…..First love,I never got so close to mine but????
    very lovely poem,*cold fingers kissing spine* *SHRILL*

  2. awizii Says:

    And this is what I call telling a story in poetic verse. Simply breathtaking.

  3. @shangytee Says:


  4. mzloulette Says:

    Lust ignites over a spring roll. I know a few people who would consider that Love how tense it is..leaves you wanting more. Well done.

  5. weird_oo Says:

    Lol this story should be titled The Quickie ^_^ Bettttty :*

  6. cycatrx Says:

    Errrrm, coolies……. 😀

  7. cycatrx Says:


  8. aramaanda Says:

    Nice! Really nice…gripping & tense all through…seems more like a lust story though :/

  9. krimmedic Says:

    Great. Love the conciseness of it.
    She shouldn’t let her ‘first love’ just end…maybe a part 2?

  10. PreyingMantis Says:

    Una storia molto bella.

    Lussuria. Volendo. Struggimento. Desiderio.

    Si sono squisiti.

  11. Dee Says:

    Lovely.. I like the last three lines the most

  12. mee169 Says:

    Spring rolls! *sigh*

    This just draws you in and then jerks you to reality (kinda like what happened to the babe).

    I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

  13. mee169 Says:

    Spring rolls!

    This draws you in and then jerks you to reality (kinda like the babe)

    I thoroughly enjoyed it

  14. cumical Says:


  15. maxImeaner Says:

    I love how this flows.
    I enjoy the introduction to lustful revelry and how sharply it ends.
    And I like that her toes shoot out of her shoes 🙂

  16. Jaden™ Says:

    I liked this. Just a hint… we never know how far she allowed it to go.

  17. 0latoxic Says:

    I should reenact this with whoever wrote this… *opens pack of small chops* ( ._.)

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