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Colours April 13, 2011

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I’m beating a blue gong today. The color of the skies on a bright day. Let your senses inhale as you drift in time..
Yours, FloatingBetty.

..flashes of...ecstasy...

There was silence.
Then a flash of blue.
It was like a comet. It was gone that fast.
Then it was green. Then red. Then yellow.
A kaleidoscope of colors flashed before her eyes and she gasped in delight in the pure ecstacy of it all.
She giggled.
It occured to her that she knew not where she was; or if she was.
But this thought was banished from her mind almost immediately.
No questions here. Just being.
The flashes of colours increased in intensity and though she felt dizzy, she didn’t shut her eyes against them.
She luxuriated in them, let her grin grow wider and she sighed in joy.
The waking up didn’t come like a jerk. No, it didn’t.
It was like a snow flake falling lazily to the ground.
She felt herself return to her body slowly and when she opened her eyes to the darkness, she sighed.
‘David. Wake up. David!’ She nudged him.
‘Darling, why are you up?’, his voice growled sleepily.
‘David, I had a dream.’
He sat up. For she never dreamt. Could this mean.. ‘What about?’
‘David, I believe.. I believe I saw colors.’
‘And do you still see them?’ He asked tentatively.
‘No, I’m back to the darkness.’
He tried to hide the disappointment in his voice. For she had been blind from birth. It was probably just a wish.
She heard it though. But she cared not. For even if it were(was) just for a few moments; she had seen.
And she was happy.

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