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The Black Procession February 11, 2011

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Today is/was Friday.

It’s been a long week and a week with a lot of important lessons as well, lessons in patience, perseverance, hope and hard work. I do realize that a lot of times, we get motivated to strike out but really are never prepared to take that risk till we actually do so. We learn as we go and we grow. Most importantly, we learn that success really is not a destination.

I love that the goddess is back but I also recognize the demands of her presence. I know that waking up at odd hours would resume in earnest; I shall soon be mind-travelling, exploring deep troughs and dangerous heights, looking at man like stranger and living like a traveler; synchronizing my soul with the world’s vibrations while also being disconnected; falling in love without a heart; crying without any tears and living in a world that’s real to me, yet nonexistent.

I love that the goddess is back because I can be myself once more; I love that she won’t hide herself from me as well. I love the stories she tells me, I love how they remind me of a life I might have lived before I came into this existence. I love her.

AfroMuse, I have missed you.

Here’s a confused love treble on my gong, only because AfroSays:

Deep Breath

From the bushes they emerge,
Legions of the undead
Staggering in a hurry, early in the morning
Starched rags, white faces, dead souls
Eyes on the floor, uneager to go
Yet, go they must, to their places of summoning
Black shoes, tired legs, worn soles
Bag and briefcase on tow
They assemble at the river bank,
Devil driven, water leaking, lamp lit canoes,
Each one must find a boat
Ten thousand boats on the river,
Ten thousand lights on the water,
Moving in unison, a sleeping parade,
Soaked shoes, torn shirts, depressed purses,
Sinking boats, sunken spirits, slow progress,
Chin in palm, eyes set afar, seeing nothing,
Ten million souls in early mourning,
Each soul, one sorrow, one comfort,
Tonight ends the Black Procession
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