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Decades, The Preview August 4, 2011

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The Decades project I.
Coming to you next Wednesday.
AfroSays So! Wednesday...

This is the first major project on AfroSays. Many thanks to all the contributors who were patient enough to bear with my laissez-faire style of ‘captaining’. The project has been on since late May and we’re finally ready to give.

Decades takes a wholesome view on the life of a man encapsulated in ten-year intervals. There are many men with intertwined relationships, the rich, the poor, the average. They live the same life we live, experience the same joys and pains unique to their decades and maybe we can learn a thing or two from them.

Please do subscribe to the blog to follow the project. Also, watch out for The Decades Project II, captained by thatDarkBetty – On being a woman.

Decade 1 (0-10) By AfroSays
…I arrived via red carpet.
A bespoke tuxedo, no cravat, no socks, no shoes. My mother’s blood, my birthday suit.
I should have gone back in that day, crawled back up into heaven. But I couldn’t. After all, she had forced me out, the same woman that would later claim to love me…

I am David Ajifolawe-Williams

Decade 2 (11-20) By @KevinWithAnL
…I remember that night so clearly, I had slept so peacefully like any normal human being only to awake sometime in the course of the night with a weight in my pyjamas, it was coming from my willy region again! What is it with this Puberty guy and my willy? What has my willy done to deserve this? I peep down my pyjamas and whatever is down there nods back at me kinda like saying “Yo! What’s up? I see you” I run into father’s room for an explanation… it’s mother who gives any though (father wasn’t much of a talker, was quiet lots of time, except when he quarreled with mother which was quite often). “Come here, let me see oh! Obi’m…

I am Olufemi Olusola Coker.

Decade 3 (21-30) By @thetoolsman
The moment the words escaped her mouth, her lips, everything changed.
“Benjamin. I’m 3 months pregnant”.
As if to further complicate things, she added:
“I’m not killing my baby. Our baby.”

I am Benjamin Williams.

Decade 4 (31-40) By @ekwem
…His proposal was made in his candle-lit room one two nights later, a proposal which had made her beautiful face assume an expression that seemed to light up the room as she shyly signalled acceptance. There was no engagement ring yet-he couldn’t afford the one he wanted for her-, just the honesty of his love., which she wholly believed in…

I am Samuel Osifor.

Decade 5 (41-50) By @Qurr
…Soon enough, Pastor Godspower became bolder and told her that she had to leave me because I was festering negative influences that would destroy her life in the end. She believed him but as tired as I was of her, I refused to grant her a divorce to avoid a scandal; what with the children and my office. Then Chiamaka was given a last warning by her pastor that I was doomed to die in 5 weeks, and she had to leave me or else we would be damned together. In fear, she moved in permanently with him in all love, fear, reverence and gullibility…

I am Leke Coker.

Decade 6 (51-60) By @CapoeiraPanda
On my 51st birthday, my main competitor in the industry:; Otumba Jide Arawosafe unknowingly provided me with my birthday gift; a threesome with a set of beautiful, half-Fulani, half-Yoruba twin girls called Radeyo and Hauwa Arawosafe. Yes, his 23 year old daughters. What I would have given to have seen his face as he watched the little ‘movie’ I sent to him as a show of my appreciation…

I am Ruben Ajifolawe

Decade 7 (61-70) By @JibolaL
He walked into the bathroom to find her in front of the mirror with her wrapper around her hips. She had left arm raised and right massaging her aged breast in circles.
“Ahnahn, Ashake ko de le to yii o. O ba de ti ji mi. Okunrin meta mi oi tii ku o” Ahnahn, Ashake it’s not this serious. You could have woken me up. My youthful strength is not totally gone, you know?

I am Oluwasegun, Baba Morenike

Decade 8 (71-80) By @Tomboxe

“Yewande?” I say, hardly daring to believe it’s true, but knowing it in my heart. Her resemblance to Dorothy is uncanny, but I sense a worldly-wisdom in her eyes that Dorothy never had. Dorothy had been as straight as a rule, and far more loving. This girl, my daughter, my Yewande, has obviously learnt a few things. I try to talk to her, to explain why I went so horribly astray, but the words get stuck in my throat.

I am Ethelbert.



18 Responses to “Decades, The Preview”

  1. r3alitybit3s Says:

    My eyes literally ache in anticipation.darrisall

  2. Oya now…legggooooo! *brings out a fresh carton of shilled Zobo Imperial n opens a bottle* hehehehehehe

  3. freshprinz Says:

    Kpakorokpa kpakorokpa kpakorokpa tom tom….can’t wait 🙂

  4. Slim Says:

    I kent wait!!!!!

  5. Very innovative! *fingers crossed*

  6. Nutella. Says:


  7. H’okay!!! Legoooo!!!!

  8. 0laToxic Says:

    Love the idea mehn. Loving the packaging. Only issue I have though is the time: 10am?! Hmmm…

  9. Okeoghene Says:

    Interesting concept. It would be nice to see how it all comes out

  10. tommielawlar Says:

    Question : Are Mr David Williams-Ajifolawe and Mr Ruben Ajifolawe related?
    And i find decade seven’s preview particularly funny. Baba Morenike strikes me as an olodo already. lol
    Can’t totally get the concept jis yet so i’m waiting…

  11. sebelle Says:

    Rubbing my palms in anticipation

  12. @shettoo Says:

    Hope I’m not too late for the party…….even though part 1-4 is here can’t wait to start reading

  13. Ka_iL Says:

    I see @ekwem and @tomboxe and I know and gonna laff….

  14. Miss Em Says:

    I swear! Dis is state of d art! DANG!!! Amo have to read it again mehn…deep, so many dimensions and perspectives to view from *addsbookmark* …I’ll be back

  15. […] a concluding poem ‘Au bord de l’existence’ by myself and @awizii  for the amazing Decades project on the Afrosays to me blog . Decades II is rolling out now and is shaping up to be pretty […]

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