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Decades II, The Preview September 16, 2011

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The Decades project II.
Coming to you next Monday (19th, September, 2011).
signed. thatDarkBetty.

...coming soon...

This is a second part of the much applauded Decades project on AfroSays. We’d love to bring a loud round of applause to a great team of friends that worked with us on this; they made this happen. Decades II explores the wholesomeness of womanhood as lived in ten-year intervals – Girls. Ladies. Women. Mothers, grand and great-grand mothers all. They live the same life we live, experience the same joys and pains unique to their decades and maybe we can learn a thing or two from them. Find the subtle connections that link their lives together and get lost in stories told. Decades II.

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Decade 1 (0-10) By @CeceNoStockings
“…Watching her reminded me of nights with dad on our camping trips, when
he’d taught me how to ‘take care of myself’… It was our secret…”
Decade 2 (11-20) By @UcheAnne
“..I was to sit beside him during the film. In the darkened hall, right at the part where Ramsey Nouah’s daughter was shot, I felt the hand slide under my skirt, up my thigh. The girl went down; the audience went up; I went to the hostel. It was Biola that told me how the film ended…”
Decade 3 (21-30) By @JadenTM
“…Twenty one was that year; the one where you find out there’s more to life than Brazilian hair and overpriced Ankara skirts. The one where you count your losses and bless them one by one, the one where you realize your life has just begun…”
Decade 4 (31-40) By @Zaffiro
“…‘Blue shirt you say? Okay, I see you’, she said and dropped the phone as he approached the table.
The two words her cerebellum registered with the new face that night. Her pulse quickened…”
Decade 5 (41-50) By @weird_oo
“…”Why me?” I asked the mirror, that birthday morning, dying the grey strands of hair showing themselves on my head of hair. The stress had given me wrinkles and I stood there, in my underwear, unsuccessfully pulling my tiny lines to smoothness. Facelift. The only answer…”
Decade 6 (51-60) By @Ms_Dania
“…Perhaps I’d still get to write that novel. So day after day, when he’d come home crestfallen after another day on the streets trying to get a job, I’d be there smiling with open arms, hot food and open legs… I was determined to be the perfect wife and mother…”
Decade 7 (61-70) By @BoukkieO
“…I look beautiful; my wrinkles are almost completely concealed, my eyes are alert as always, my skin is radiant, and my hands are steady. “It’s time, are you ready?” I turn to take a final look in the mirror, take a deep, steadying breath and say: “I was born for this”…”
Decade 8 (71-80) By thatDarkBetty
“…I stand and walk slowly to the tall cake with the big 80 standing atop. I see my daughters laughing with their society friends, Olakunle is on the phone… the grandchildren are nowhere to be found. “Let’s spell eighty!” The knife goes down. They have turned to look at me now. The idiots…”
We’re also starting up each story with beautiful poetry by very talented wordsmiths:



17 Responses to “Decades II, The Preview”

  1. I can’t wait! Decades 2 is finally here *dancing*

  2. seye Says:

    i like …… esp 61 -70….

  3. MzLucyM Says:

    Xcited much 😀

  4. s_Hotzs Says:

    Patiently waiting!!

  5. dipti (@barbie_deezy) Says:

    *yaay* can’t wait!!! 😀

  6. awizii Says:

    I’ll be here.

  7. theGeneralsDaughter Says:

    Yay! Can’t wait!

  8. Funmibi Says:

    Cool! I just can’t wait. Welldone people, this is a really good thing.

  9. TheresTwoOfMee Says:

    Whoosh!! 🙂 I can’t wait!! This is going to be fun 🙂

  10. Thinktank Says:


    I’m liking the look of this already.

    Let’s see how it goes

  11. […] by myself and @awizii  for the amazing Decades project on the Afrosays to me blog . Decades II is rolling out now and is shaping up to be pretty awesome as well. Afrosays to me is a generally […]

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