Afrosays to me

…random excerpts from my communions with the AfroMuse

Lost? How to read Afro… July 9, 2010

Hey there friend,

Hope you enjoy the Afro-experience. Just in case you’re still figuring it out, this is how it works:
– Each post is in two sections: the inspiration and the main ‘write’
– The inspiration is the essay before ‘Afrosays’, it an exploration of the imaginative origins of my creations in metaphor.
– The main ‘write’ is a product of the inspiration, it’s the idea being shared.
– AfroMuse is a metaphor for my inspiration depicted as an ambivalent goddess who travels through various experiences.
– My Gong is this blog, I am the town crier, the main-write is my message.

If you don’t get my inspiration, just listen to what Afrosays…

Are you found?


2 Responses to “Lost? How to read Afro…”

  1. r3alitybit3s Says:

    awesomeblog men…deep issues…look 4wad 2 coming back

  2. highlandblue Says:

    Lol. Did Betty write this? I need to squeeze that girl.

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