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I’m sorry Moni October 3, 2010

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Hello world,
She’s in great spirits and so am I. The past week was quite engaging and coming weeks promise to be more so but I’d make sure to make time to deliver her dispatches because I’m too scared to consider the consequences on not doing so.

By the way, my country just turned fifty and would soon become a grandma.

Thanks to high spirits, I’d be beating the gong like a fruity loops synthesizer and delivering her message via vocoder because AfroSays:

I'm sorry Moni


I’m sorry, Moni
I’ve begged and you wouldn’t listen
I’m not sure what I did wrong
Your friends now seem to despise me
They never used to before
Tough luck
I just wanted to show you love, Moni
I just wanted to show how much I care
Tell me my sin, Moni
Tell me where I erred
Because I don’t care that you are Nigerian
Even though I am French
And I’m sure you don’t care either
Because you’ve traveled the world
So why did you turn me out on your birthday?
It can’t be because I bought you flowers in a jade vase?
I was only trying to be romantic
Give me an hour, I’d be back with a real gift.

3 Responses to “I’m sorry Moni”

  1. Nife O Says:

    lol pls what’s a “JADE VASE?”

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