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Seven July 14, 2011

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Afro said. Because.
I smote the gong. Because.
You listened. Because.
Forget ‘Becauses’. AfroSays:


...what is seven?..

Thanks for following The Trench so far. I regret not explaining how to read them right from the start. Please do not take the stories literally, they are not the usual stories with a sensible climax at the end. They are stories with hidden meanings. Always. So they might not make sense if taken at face value. Follow the clues.

I’m considering giving my interpretation at the end as well but that would ruin the experience for me as well as many other villagers. I do hope, however, to simplify the clues.

“What is Seven Sevens?”

“Forty Nine”

“What is Seven?”


“Seven is only an idea in your head, there is no seven my son. It was created so that we can count things like errr…”

“Like how many days there are in a week? Or how many chairs there are in this living room?”

“Yes son. And if there is no Seven, there are no Seven Sevens. Do you understand?”

“Father, it’s a bit confusing, but it seems I do. But how does that relate to the questions I asked you?”

“Seven exists only as an idea, but these chairs are real, whether there was an idea such as seven or not, we would still have these chairs.

You don’t need a word to quantify your feelings towards Bimpe, all you need to know is how you feel. Gauging your affection for her by some standard of society only keeps you second-guessing your feelings for her because the gauge is only an idea.

When you can tell me what Seven is, I can tell you if what you feel for her is true love, for then, I can accurately define the ideas of love and truth.

And whether you should marry her? You should know.”

“Father, your wisdom befuddles one, I better talk to mum.”


Measuring affection by societal standards. The use of affection labels. The implications?
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31 Responses to “Seven”

  1. loba Says:

    Measuring affection by societal standards is all we have because they have been tested and trusted to be true . Even if you don’t want to label by societal standards, your not labeling BECOMES a societal standard after a while. Not conforming becomes conforming.

    • afrosays Says:

      Very interesting. Very.
      What we learn everyday from the media and established institutions as true have changed over the years. Does truth change or is there another explanation?

  2. keLvin Says:

    Banks, I’m not even going to pretend that I have nothing to say. That this is extremely brilliant is stating the obvious as well!
    Of course you know I can relate and this post came at just a perfect time.
    Let me just say I got a ‘societal’ opinion on my ‘matter’ and it got me thinking real deep, fouled up my entire mood minutes ago cos I hate being confused..
    But then I read this and the concept of Seven hits me…
    “Gauging your affection for her by some standard of society only keeps you second-guessing your feelings for her because the gauge is only an idea”
    Maybe now, the smile can return…
    God bless you

    • afrosays Says:

      I do hope your smile returns.
      I face the same challenge as you sometimes. Just when I think I’ve figure ‘it’ all out and I’ve settled for what I want, someone comes again with another nugget of wisdom that leaves me upside down and wondering.

      Sometimes, I just attempt stoic.

  3. Thetoolsman Says:

    “You don’t need a word to quantify your feelings towards Bimpe, all you need to know is how you feel.” … smh at you this bloody player…

    • afrosays Says:

      **Sprinkling holy water on your comment
      That’s there because I’ve heard arguments like you can’t love more than one person at a time and so so, but I suspect that that’s not entirely true because the Quaran entertains the possibility, polygamy proves it too.

      Love this, love that…
      Who made the rules and what’s to stand by?

  4. slimsiren Says:

    Deep!!!! 😀

    I like a lot. Seven is just a name, an idea given to that which is real and ethereal at the same time. You cant trap ethereal in a standard. Feelings need not be labelled. So, call a spade a spoon, if you may. It wouldn’t change the fact that its a spade.

    Sankyo. You haff beat the gong in me. I’ll stop trying to figure out if what I feel is jealousy or anger and just go ahead and kill that person. You. 😀

  5. In other words, don’t try to analyze it. It is what it is. We understand the idea of seven because everyone’s representation of seven is the same. Love? Different for each of us, so no one can tell us if what we feel is love or not. But when you know, you know. U won’t have to question it.

  6. jAyajade Says:

    Really cool….its like I tell my friends, some things in life, like numerals, are relative if I feel so-in-love-i-may-drown, another may think I’m the Ice queen….I think the important thing at the end of the day is how the recipient of the ‘amount’ of your feelings or attitudes feels- smothered by the weight, or just tickled by feathers. Yardsticks are just society’s way of convincing themselves that they have everything under control…….can be a guide but never a rule.

    • afrosays Says:

      “Yardsticks are just society’s way of convincing themselves that they have everything under control…….can be a guide but never a rule.”

      That’s a very nice idea. Very.
      Because at the end of the day, these things we’re brought up to live by always have exceptions. I’d keep looking for that quintessential… if it exists.

  7. You had me at ‘what is seven?’
    The truth is affection or truth CANNOT be quantified. It is a feeling like air. Uncountable yet measurable. However, In fairness to society I don’t think society measures affection. All it does is to put a label to it. Society tries to define it, somewhat like what an adjective does to a noun or pronoun.
    Meanwhile, what if I told father: “seven, seven, seven is a number Oluwashina”. I wonder what he would’ve said.
    Good job bro!

    • afrosays Says:

      How society measures affection?

      “He doesn’t do this, ergo, he doesn’t love you”
      “She hasn’t said that, ergo, she doesn’t love you”

      A lot of people get frustrated. A lot of people are drowned by opinions of external parties, on how things should be. I’m not saying it is altogether evil, I’m just curious if the ideas suggested are salient enough to live by.

      By the way,

      “Seven, seven, seven is a number Oluwashina”

      ” When did we become mates? Ori e daru ni? Have you gone crazy?
      Idiot son, you think you are smart abi? Oya! what is a number? “

  8. loba Says:

    Btw, does seven hold any special meaning? I’m lost, or we can also ask what is five right?

  9. Jaycee (E.A) Says:

    Lol @ “I better talk to mum.” Better option!

  10. 0latoxic Says:

    I like this… I can’t lie sha, all I can manage right now is #Deep! and #True that! Anything else would just be me trying to pretend I’m half as intelligent as all these people but… we all know better don’t we?: I’m twice as intelligent as all y’all *exit stage left*

  11. BBB Says:

    the whole idea of placiing labels on feelings isnt exactly a societal developed notion, humans within seek meanings for things we cannot explain, wwe ask ourselves how we will, were we place a person on that scale of 1 to “7” *pun intended*.
    When we realize taht what we feel cannot be explained even to ourselves we start to seek labels to at least qualify
    boyfriend, lover, “p”, girlfriend, toaster, friend zone,…….labels

    • afrosays Says:

      I’m getting you.
      You’re kind of brought up the question as to whether we can survive as humans without labels altogether?
      We do not seem capable.

      But in the same light, can we put everything in a box? Must we?

    • BBB Says:

      i never proofread and i type pretty fast, all errors are mine X_X

  12. Hmmm… some of these comments interest me. But I’ll mind my business. :-X On to the post.
    I told a girl that I have serious feelings for, that although I can identify how I feel about her, I never want to understand why I feel that way. Because not everything is meant to be understood. And breaking it in terms of a “why” would remove the mystery. The beauty of it lies within the mystery. Whether it’s public opinion, or what you feel within yourself, what you feel is there, unquestionable, untouchable.
    Now whether or not it’s good for you, is an entirely different bowl of catfish peppersoup.
    But that’s another story sha…

  13. @bule_jr Says:

    Banky this is a sub at me you know.letting out my secret in the open abi????
    anyway you know where i stand on this, beyourself, know yourself and then you’ll be fine. hope i’m on the right track with this comment sha?

  14. I can’t help but notice the smart answers given by all the peeps here.
    My 2 cents: The more we try to know about ‘seven’, the more confused we get, and the more we try to ignore what seven is, ignorance is inevitable.
    As for the societal tags, it’s what makes us humans. Just that, John’s tag might be different from Sam’s, so John has to know what works best for him. a.k.a. Know thyself.

  15. 'Dania Says:

    I don’t know if its because its pretty late (or early, depending on how you view 3a.m). But my mind seems to be working in overdrive. I think the concept you’re trying to introduce goes beyond measuring affection. Going by the Father’s reasoning, he’s questioning the whole concept of measurement, no?

    When applied in a social context solely to affection, then yes it makes sense that societal standards of measurement don’t make sense. But applied to a wider scope? Mayhem. Measurements keep us in check.

    Abi i need to gaan sleep ni?

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