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Emoticons August 19, 2010

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She’s in her #JustSaying mode.

I’m in my #JustBeatingTheGong mode because, AfroSays:




Have you ever been in a chat session with a simultaneous video feed from your chat mate? I’m simply asking if you’ve ever used a webcam while text chatting all at once.
Did your chat mate actually laugh out loud when they typed LOL?
Did that person actually roll on the floor when they typed ROTF?
Was that person close to death when they typed LWKMD?
Did they even smile when 🙂 showed up on the screen?
Guess not!
They were only responding to your contributions to the interaction session as socially appropriate; they were only employing emoticons.
Life is a chat session; our indifferent minds type and our bodies interface in concordance with the expectations of civilization. We’re always using emoticons.
Smiley anyone?



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